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15 Things You Should Have Before Moving Into Your New Home

Did you buy a new house recently and are planning on how to furnish your new home? How sure are you that you will not miss out on anything during your move to your new home?

We have come up with a simple list of reminders for you to ensure that you are prepared for all aspects of your first new home. If you need the help of any movers, don’t hesitate to hire a professional moving company so that you can get all your items to your new home in good condition.

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15 Things You Should Have Before Moving Into Your New Home

Now, let’s get to the main meat of the article: What you need to bring with you for any move! 

Preparing To Move Into Your New Home

What purchases are required before you start shifting to your new residence?

This part would be a concise guide as to what you must prepare or purchase when you move over to your new home. Remember to tick all items in this portion before you shift over to your new house.

  1. Items for a comfortable sleep

The first thing that should come to your mind after settling the purchase of your new house is a mattress.

You might think it is completely alright for you to sleep on the ground, but with work and other commitments coming along the way, you could be spending at least a month on the ground because you simply do not have the time to go shopping.

Apart from a mattress, you would also need to purchase bedding for your mattress, pillows, and bolsters – anything that can help you sleep comfortably.

  1. Tools for setting up your new house

You would likely need to dismantle your shelves before moving the pieces over from your old house and then rebuilding it at your new house.

This means you would definitely need a screwdriver or a hammer before or on the day of the move itself.

Additionally, upon moving all your belongings to the new house, you would need wall hooks and bolts to set up your new house.

  1. Ladder

This is not to mock anyone who is short. Regardless of your height, you would definitely need a ladder to access high places in your new residence.

We would advise you to get a ladder or a stool that is lightweight so that it will not be cumbersome to move it around. It would even be better if it is simple to keep.

  1. Curtains for your bathroom

After moving for the whole day, you would be feeling sticky and might need a nice bath. If you do not want to destroy your new tiles, you better get a shower curtain.

Arrange for your toiletries to be stored with the other items mentioned in this portion so that it would be easy to find these items when you need a nice quick bath.

  1. Toilet paper

Ensure you have prepared sufficient rolls of toilet paper in your new house’s bathrooms on your moving day. They are essential for your own ‘bathroom business’ as well as the movers and helpers.

  1. Cleaning agents

It is probable that there are areas neglected by the old owner, so you would have to clean up yourself. Ensure that you pack and store the cleaning agents in accessible areas so that you will not have to scramble and search through all your belongings for them.

Some cleaning items you would need include:

  • A wet and dry Swiffer with a vacuum
  • Cleansing spray for all surfaces, tissues and rubbish bins
  • Sterilizing towels for all surfaces and stainless steel detergent
  • Washing agent, dryer and stain eliminator
  • Toilet brushes and toilet bowl detergent
  • Utensils and dishware cleansing solution and sponges
  • Air freshener and sterile spray
  1. First-aid supplies

It is common for some mishaps to happen when shifting your belongings around, such as falling down and hurting your legs or suffering from minor cuts. You would need to have some first aid supplies around, and ensure that it is kept within reach.

Below is a list of first aid items you would need minimally:

  • Triangular bandages
  • Antiseptic solutions such as Advil
  • Plasters and ointments for open wounds
  • Gauze and antiseptic wipes
  • Oral medicine for cold and cough
  • Ice packs and Salonpas for muscle strains
  1. Some necessary kitchen equipment

Although you can choose to use some disposable cutlery before completely moving into your new house, we advise that you purchase a few of these dishes for your new home before you start transporting your items over.

packing kitchen essentials for move

This could be part of your efforts to save the earth by using less disposable items. Some must-have equipment includes:

  • Drinking cups
  • Plates, bowls, and cutlery
  • Cooking pan and pots
  • Toaster, microwave, blender, and oven
  • Tupperware and sandwich wrappers
  1. Clothes hangers

This is helpful in helping you settle down in your new home faster. This is essential for new owners as you would need hangers for your clothes.

  1. Essential electrical supplies

Should you buy extension cords and batteries before you start transporting your belongings over to your new house, it would greatly aid in your moving progress.

Most of the time, owners would plug in items as they arrange their belongings in the house – the minority would come back to plug in electrical devices later on.

However, apart from the electrical devices and supplies, remember to set up your electricity supply and other utilities too.

What are some miscellaneous items you would need for your new home?

  1. Personal water bottle

We do not recommend you to only drink from disposable plastic bottles. It would be more comfortable with your own water bottle and you can save the earth by not using one-time-usage plastic bottles.

  1. Tissues

Tissue paper is often forgotten by first-time movers, but this is essential for your move. It is always safer to have some stashed away and can be found when you have fallen sick or suffer from an allergic reaction.

  1. Sewing kit

Although this might be considered outdated by the younger generation, they can prove to be extremely handy in times when your clothes would need some urgent attention.

  1. Iron and ironing board/Steamer

There are times when you would need to iron out your clothes to wear. If you want to save more time and effort, you can consider getting a steamer. A steamer also takes up less space and is more portable than an ironing board.

  1. Broom for a fast sweep

You might need something simple to clean up the place during your move, and a broom is just the right fit for the job.

Getting the right items to make your move more efficient

These are some of the top items you should bring with you when you move into a new apartment or house. Even if you’re leaving some items of furniture behind, these are absolute must-haves because they are just so useful.

Be sure to make a checklist so that you don’t forget!