anorexia in a 7 yr old

8 Years Old and Battling Anorexia – 1 Year Later

When you are young life is supposed to be all unicorns and rainbows, correct? I mean, your biggest worry should be which shoes to wear to school based on PE or music or what game to play at recess with your friends. Simple stuff. My 6 year old is totally … Read more

7 Months. 7 Doctors. Happy 7 Year Old.

{Note: The various links will lead you back to posts that I wrote along the way if you wish to go back and read through a few. There are more… these hit the “highlights” along the way.} I could have never imagined how this year would go when we rang … Read more

6 Months Later and Almost There

We are currently going through a sermon series entitled “Turmoil” at church and how several of us have gone through some sort of tribulation in our life. I know we have… more than once or twice. It’s simply the way life’s circumstances play out and we go through them to … Read more

Making Our Way Back to the Anemone, Princess

I have to say, it makes me pretty sad to know that I get hits daily from people searching for “7 year old anorexia.” Yesterday there were 2 hits on my blog from searches for those exact words. I pray that no other family would have to endure the heartache … Read more

Update from Fort Worth

SuperDad and I are overwhelmed by all the support! When I was able to spend time with Princess JF today and tell her that 100’s of people are praying for her all over the place she smiled and was delighted to know she was covered in prayer! Let me try … Read more

This is where we’re at….

I have been asked for specifics in prayer requests and am not afraid to let others know what is going on. I want people to understand that my daughter is not crazy, she is suffering within the confines of her own mind. Thus, these are copied and pasted from emails … Read more