Beautiful beach on Gulf Shore

4 Reasons You Need to Take Your Family to Gulf Shores

When planning a family trip, there are several factors to consider: where to stay, what to eat, and, perhaps most significantly, how to relax and have fun.

Sometimes, choosing the perfect place can be difficult, but there are places like Alabama’s Gulf Shores that make this decision a simple one.

Gulf Shores is a coastal paradise and one of those places that has everything, from magnificent beaches and pristine waters to amazing historical places and delicious food, offering the chance to create long-lasting memories with your family. 

Family at the beach running with seagulls

Take Your Family to Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores is one of the most visited places in Alabama, with more than 8 million people making it their destination in 2021 alone.

The reason for its popularity is the fact that It has activities for everyone.

Parents can enjoy walking down miles and miles of white sandy beaches, and their children can explore the many theme parks located across the city.

Also, it is the ideal location for cuisine, fun, and leisure. This is just a taste of what awaits you and your family when you take them to Gulf Shores for a memorable family vacation. 

If you are not convinced yet, here are four reasons why you should hop in your car and take your family to this paradise right away.  

Affordable accommodation

Gulf Shores has accommodations to suit every budget and interest.

If your family wants to enjoy the great outdoors, there are plenty of campgrounds to choose from.

There are also many budget-friendly hotels and beachfront apartments, as well as premium beach houses.

There are several Gulf Shores vacation rentals to choose from. All you need is to prepare a list of things you like your accommodation to have and its location.

To make your search easier, find an online booking service suitable for the Alabama region and check their prices and suggestions. Once you’ve found the best accommodation, you can start packing. 

Delicious food 

You won’t stay hungry with so many family-friendly restaurants that take cuisine and entertainment to the next level in this area.

Restaurants in Gulf Shores, such as LuLu’s and The Hangout, provide fantastic outside play areas for children and are ideal for spending time with the entire family at the outside tables around the fire pit.

In addition, if you are a fan of seafood, there are several restaurants in Gulf Shores that provide excellent fresh seafood.

There’s a restaurant for everyone, from the sophisticated dining experience at Perch located at the Lodge to the laid-back family ambiance at Woodside at Gulf State Park, which includes garden games and some of the best local beers around. 

Activities for the entire family 

There are so many things to do in Gulf Shores that it’s nearly impossible to be bored.

Check out the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo and the Hummingbird Zipline course at the Wharf for fantastic family-friendly activities.

The Gulf Shores region also has a couple of theme parks that are quite popular with children.

Waterville is a seasonal water park with thrilling waterslides, laser tag, go-karts, and other attractions.

Visit the Park at OWA for a typical theme park experience completed with big roller coasters and other adrenaline-pumping thrills.

The fantastic parks in and around Gulf Shores are well-known among children and families.

The nature 

The Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, which has 7,000 acres of natural habitat for migrating birds, nesting sea turtles, and the endangered Perdido Key Alabama beach mouse, is located near Gulf Shores.

The four hiking paths lead you through the refuge’s many habitats and allow you to explore the animals and plants that live there.

If trekking isn’t your thing, consider taking a dolphin or eco-cruise. When it comes to eco-tours, Wild Native Tours is the finest in the market.

Their Coastal Eco-tour takes you on a 1-hour journey through Oyster Bay, Bon Secour Bay, and the Bon Secour River, where you may spot dolphins, bald eagles, osprey, herons, pelicans, and other animals.

Their chatty and amusing captains make for an exciting and instructive journey.

Final thoughts

Gulf Shores is the perfect place for your annual family vacation.

It has exciting activities for the entire family, amazing beaches, clear waters, enticing historical places, and, most importantly, delicious food.

Also, it gives you the chance to stay at unique accommodation places located at the beach, providing you with astonishing views.

All you need to do is prepare a list of activities you want to do there, make restaurant reservations, buy tickets for the theme parks, and notify your family that you have planned the most magical vacation for everyone.