Print Photos from Your Phone with Walgreens Mobile App

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Do you have hundreds or thousands of photos that live in your phone like me? I love Instagram. I upload pictures almost daily. Needless to say, my iPhone is full of pictures that I have shared with the internet. But, what about when you want to print photos from your phone ? What do you do then?

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Print Photos from Your Phone

Did you know that Walgreens has a mobile app? And that you can print photos from your phone with the #WalgreensApp? And it is really simple to do. Awesome!

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I already use Walgreens for my photo printing  needs, so this is perfect for me. Now I can easily print Instagram photos and hang them on my walls for everyone to see. Plus, since I tend to have a little fun with different apps when using Instagram, the pictures have a different feeling than some of the others around the house. I really kinda like that idea.

It is definitely time to get some of my photos off my phone and onto my walls. Using the Walgreens app as Colby drove, I was able to easily thumb through my Instagram pictures, upload as many as I wanted, and place my order. It took all of 15 minutes with the biggest chunk of time just choosing which pictures I wanted to use. I have over 1,900 to choose from! Other than that, I placed my order and they were ready for pick up in just over an hour. We could run errands and pick them up on the way home.

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With the pictures in my hand after stopping by Walgreens and seeing how great the photos looked, I decided that I wanted to make a wood photo craft to hang for everyone to see. No one knows wood better than my dad. Plus, no one had more wood laying around his house than my dad. Being a carpenter for over 40 years, I knew he could give me a hand. He may not have seen my vision right away… but we got it done.

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So, while my mom and the girls worked on a sewing craft (yes, mom is a master seamstress) I worked on my project with dad. The girls used my extra pictures for another craft that I will highlight soon too. There were simply so many fun ideas we had for showcasing our newly printed Instagram photos.

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Keeping true to the fact that I like to do crafts with things I already have… my parents house was the perfect place to look around. Mom suggested using blocks of wood that the girls have been using for building. (Don’t worry… I took from another stash too so they had their toys). Then it was off to the shop to pick out a stain. Yes, stain. My dad is a carpenter. Wood is precious and stain was his recommendation rather than paint. Works for me. I love stain too!

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I picked up my pictures and we were then ready to craft. Dad plugged in his nail gun while I decided on how to lay out the blocks. After finding photos and rearranging them a few times, I found a design I liked. I then let him do the nailing (it was safer that way) and waited for time to stain. That part I could handle and enjoyed doing.

wooden photo craft #shop

Waiting for the stain to dry was the longest part. Once dry, I glued the pictures onto the wooden blocks. I had the girls help me press firmly to make sure each picture was secured and then used Mod Podge to seal them onto the wood. Dad put an eye hook on the top so I could hang it… and voilà! Done. I went straight home and hung it on our cross wall. It looked fantastic! Plus, it is in my office so I can see the fun pictures everyday. I am so excited!

Instagram photo collage #shop

Wooden Instagram Photo Collage

Here is a quick run down to make it easy to see:


  • Wooden blocks
  • Stain
  • Paint brush
  • Glue
  • Mod Podge
  • Eye hook
  • Nails
  • Hammer or nail gun
  • Pictures


  1. Cut or find blocks of wood at least 6″ x 6″.
  2. Lay out blocks into working design for selected pictures.
  3. Nail blocks together.
  4. Stain (or paint) wooden blocks and let thoroughly dry.
  5. Glue pictures onto dry, stained blocks.
  6. Cover with a layer of Mod Podge.
  7. Allow to dry. Fasten eye hook to top of collage. Hang and enjoy!

How often do you print photos from your phone? Have you tried the Walgreens mobile app?

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