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Organization Hacks for a Smooth Family Move: Packing, Unpacking, and Beyond

Moving to a new home can be extremely stressful, especially when trying to get the whole family organized and settled into the new place.

Proper planning and organization are key to making the moving process as smooth as possible.

Family Moving House: Labeling Cardboard Box

Organization Hacks

Here are some helpful organization hacks to make packing, unpacking, and getting settled into your new home with the family a breeze.

Start by Decluttering and Purging Unneeded Items

Go through each room and storage area in your current home and get rid of anything you no longer need or want.

Have each family member do this for their personal belongings as well. Hold a yard sale, donate, or recycle these unneeded items.

This will significantly cut down on what needs to be packed and moved.

Use a Color-Coding System When Packing Boxes

Buy colored label stickers and assign each room or family member a color.

Clearly label each box with the color corresponding to where those items will go in the new home. This makes unpacking quicker and more efficient.

You’ll know exactly which room the boxes go to without having to open and rummage through them.

Pack an “Open First” Box for Each Room

Pack a box for each room in the new home with essential items you’ll need right away. Label them clearly as “Open First.”

Include things like toilet paper, soap, towels, box cutters, trash bags, chargers, snacks, tools, etc. Having these key items ready to go will make the first day in the new home much smoother.

Keep All Paperwork Together in One Place

Have files, binders, or accordion folders for holding important documents related to the move.

Keep things like real estate paperwork, mortgage documents, moving truck rental agreements, change of address confirmations, etc. together for easy access when needed.

Having this all organized will reduce stress during the moving process.

Have Packed Snacks and Drinks Available During the Move

The day of the actual move will be tiring and chaotic.

Make sure you have a cooler stocked with bottled water, juice boxes, pre-made sandwiches, fruit, granola bars, and other easy snacks to keep family members fueled up.

Bring it with you in the car when traveling between homes.

Do a Deep Clean

If you can collect the keys the day before your furniture arrives, organize a deep clean before you move in, so the place is fresh and clean on moving-in day. 

Set Up the Kids’ Rooms First

One of the top priorities should be getting the kids’ bedrooms and play areas set up as soon as you can after moving in.

Having familiar toys, beds, books, etc. will help little ones settle in smoothly to the new home. Make this a focus during the unpacking stage.

Start a Running To-Do List

There will be many small projects required to get the new home fully up and running.

Make a list of all these tasks such as setting up the internet, replacing air filters, finding takeout menus, etc., and add to it as needed.

Keep it in a highly visible spot and check things off as you accomplish them.

Create Temporary Storage Solutions

Since you’ll likely need to live out of boxes for a while after moving in, create temporary storage solutions to keep things organized.

Use filing crates, plastic bins, magazine holders, or shoe organizers to neatly store items until you have time to fully unpack them. Label containers clearly.

Following these organization hacks and tips will help make a family move coordinated and painless.

Developing a packing system, unpacking plan, and getting the key rooms functional right away will allow you and your family to settle in quickly and comfortably, avoiding chaos.

With proper planning and preparation, you’ll be enjoying your new home in no time!