Host an Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social with Good Humor

Y’all! It gets crazy hot during Texas summers. We officially hit 100° this past weekend.

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Trying to do anything outside in those temperatures definitely takes meticulous planning; especially when trying to take the heat off.

Water activities and cold, refreshing food are one of our favorite ways to beat the Texas heat.

Host an Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social with Good Humor

Ice Cream Social

Whether it’s playing in the sprinklers, visiting the neighborhood pool, or finding a nice place in the shade, we find ways to stay cool.

Of course, Good Humor Ice Cream helps take the heat off as well.

As a child, I remember getting excited every time we heard the ice cream truck coming down the road.

There was no mistaking the song coming from the rolling treat mobile. And I knew what I was going to get as soon as I heard it; Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake.

Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake

The Strawberry Shortcake frozen dessert bar features a “creamy vanilla flavored frozen dessert with a luscious strawberry swirl coated in [their] signature Strawberry Shortcake cake coating.”

Basically, to my taste buds, the best ice cream combination ever.

Although things have changed in many ways since I was a kid, the delicious flavor of this classic treat has stayed the same.

For example, instead of getting your favorite Good Humor frozen treat off the ice cream truck when it comes around, you can easily add the dessert bars to your online Walmart shopping cart and pick them up, without leaving your car.

Grocery curbside pick-up has definitely changed the way we buy groceries!

Good Humor frozen treat bars

Straight from the freezer to your car, then back into the freezer at home. When you’re trying to avoid the Texas heat, this can be a great way to do so!

Another great way is to invite friends over for a good ol’ fashioned ice cream social.

Grab a bucket of ice and let your friends choose their favorite: Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Eclair, Oreo, or Vanilla Chocolate Giant King Cone. Use a box of Giant Vanilla Sandwich to make a tasty ice cream cake.

Make a double layer of vanilla sandwiches with whipped cream, caramel syrup, and chocolate syrup between layers as well as on top. Freeze before serving.

ice cream sandwich cake

Let your guests enjoy the refreshing frozen dessert treats as you share the classic goodness of Good Humor!

Ready to host your own ice cream social?

Stock up on your favorite Good Humor Ice Cream treats with Walmart Grocery Pick-Up and be ready for any summer activity!

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