Maintain Stunning Hair With These Hair Care Ideas

Our hair is one of the best natural accessories we’ve got, and throughout our lives, it is so important to care for it and keep it looking healthy and soft. 

There are so many different tips and tricks you can implement into your beauty routine to maintain luscious locks, and today we want to talk about just a few of the things you can do to help keep your hair in tip-top condition throughout the year.

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Maintain Stunning Hair With These Hair Care Ideas

Maintain a bright blonde with purple shampoo

If you have blonde hair, natural or not, purple shampoos can be a great way to keep your hair looking bright and shiny throughout the year.

Make sure to buy a good purple shampoo and keep it on hand to wash your hair and make sure it looks light and stunning all year long. 

Use cinnamon for vibrant red hair 

For the redheads out there, it is so important to maintain the vibrancy of your locks throughout the year and there is a super simple way to do this.

Cinnamon can be mixed with a plain hair conditioner and once a thick paste has formed, you can apply this to your hair and leave it to soak for 1 hour.

Once the hour is up, wash your hair as normal. Not only will cinnamon help to restore those stunning red tones, but it will also leave your hair smelling gorgeous! 

Rinse with coffee for a rich brunette 

And for the brunettes, the easiest way to maintain that rich chocolate color is with some coffee.

Simply brew coffee before you shower and before you wash your hair, use this as a rinse! It couldn’t be easier, and the caffeine in the coffee will also promote hair growth. 

Create volume while drying 

Creating volume in your hair naturally can be difficult, specifically if you have naturally flat hair. This is a super easy trick, and all you need to do is place your hair in a high bun on top of your head while it is still wet.

Leave it to dry naturally and because the hair has dried upwards, you’ll gain that natural lift when you put it down. 

But if you have naturally black hair, this may not be enough for you. In this case, you’ll need to use some styling products like mousse or a root booster spray.

Choosing the best blow dryer for black hair is also important, as it can help with managing your curls and provide enough heat to control frizz and lift.

Look for one with an ionic airflow that evenly distributes heat and reduces drying time, as well as adjustable settings so you can tailor the airflow to your needs.

Make your own nourishing hair oil 

One of the best things you can do for your hair is give it a deep conditioning treatment once a week.

You can buy a hair mask for this or an oil treatment—but you can also make your own oil that will hydrate and nourish in the best possible way.

To make your own hair oil at home you can mix together any of the following oils: 

  • Argan oil 
  • Macadamia oil 
  • Coconut oil 
  • Castor oil 
  • Olive oil 
  • Avocado oil 
  • Sweet almond oil

Simply add some of these oils into a bottle and this can be used as a deep hair treatment as well as being used with the inversion method for hair growth. 

Wash your hair less 

Washing your hair is something that can damage it if you wash it too often. The secret to maintaining luscious hair is allowing the natural oils from your scalp to nourish and hydrate your strands for longer.

When washing your hair with shampoo, it strips the hair of all of those essential oils, and this is why conditioner is needed to replace some of that moisture.

To keep your hair as healthy as possible, it is best to only wash your hair once or twice a week.

This might be difficult to get used to if you usually wash your hair every day, and you’ll likely have to work up to this over the course of a few months. But making this one change can do wonders for your hair and it is worth it. 

Try heatless curls 

Heatless curling methods come in many shapes and sizes, and all of them will achieve different looks and hold different merits.

The first type of heatless curl/wave you can try is braiding the hair. When your hair is mostly dry, pop it in a braid and leave it for a few hours or overnight. Once dry, take it out and you’ll have beautiful beachy waves. 

Another way to curl your hair without heat is to use a dressing gown belt. Split your hair in half when mostly dry, and place a dressing gown belt in the middle of your head, leaving even lengths on each side.

Start wrapping your hair around the dressing gown belt before securing it with a hair tie. Repeat on the other side. Leave to dry for a few hours or overnight and you’ll end up with some beautiful Hollywood curls. 

A final way to curl your hair without heat is by placing it into a high bun and pinning the ends.

When your hair is mostly dry, brush your hair and place it in a high ponytail on your head. Take small pieces and curl them around your finger, before pinning them close to the ponytail.

Repeat around the head and leave to dry. This will leave you with the most voluminous curls that will blow everyone away. 

Give yourself a trim 

It is always important to go to the hairdresser if you want to have your hair properly styled, however, the last year has taught us that it will not always be possible to get to the hairdresser for your cut and blow.

Every once in a while it is a good idea to give your hair a trim. This doesn’t have to be styled in any way, and it will simply get rid of your split ends and keep your hair strong.

Buy some hair-cutting scissors online and split your hair into its normal parting. Straighten your hair well, and then twist each side, cutting a small amount off the ends. Even it out and voila! An easy cut without the stress, that will maintain your healthy hair until you go to your hairdresser. 

Use some of these easy tips and tricks to maintain stunning hair this year and stay confident.