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Looking Fabulous with Gymboree Even While Homeschooling

Who says that just because you homeschool you cannot look fabulous! Yes, I will admit that we spend plenty of time in our pajamas, but we do actually have to get dressed most days. Besides, the 2 girls I have homeschooling right now, they like to get dressed each day. One is my little diva and the other is simply regimented and scheduled like that. Well, and then there is our toddler who just does her own thing.

fabulous with Gymboree

Looking Fabulous with Gymboree

Additionally, it is easy to to keep looking fabulous with Gymboree. As the girls continue to #GrowWithMeNG, they are really beginning to develop an affection for the styling, colors, and amazing sales we can find at Gymboree. Plus, shopping during a sale means we get plenty of math practice. While shopping back t0 school for us, we were able to get a discount on almost every item based on the current sale. Math class done!

Gymboree sweater dress

But, I am sure there are plenty of misconceptions about homeschool. The fact that we never get dressed could be one. Another myth could be the fact that we do not actually get any work done. I can assure you that, much to the girls’ dismay some days, they are doing plenty of school work and learning. But, we are able to keep everyone (somewhat) on a routine using a few time management tips we have learned along the way. I would hope after homeschooling for over 11 years I would have picked up a thing or two. Let’s see?!

homeschool time management tips

 4 Time Management Tips

  1. Use a planner – Cannot stress this enough! I know you may think you do not need a planner, but it keeps us in line and on task. I use a planner for my blog and would be lost without it. The same goes for homeschooling. Each subject, unit study, field trip, craft, just everything, is my responsibility to manage. Sure the rest of the family has input, but keeping it organized is more my domain.Luckily the girls have no problem checking the planner and keeping the rest of us inline according to what it says each day.
  2. Make a list – I know. It sounds similar to the planner, right? But really there are a few differences. I make a list of each task, school project, appointment, etc. that needs to be finished each day. I then leave it on my desk so that I know exactly what I have laid out for me in the day ahead. Now, it could just be that I am a proclaimed list-maker, but it really does help me manage my time as I go through the day.
  3. Designate days – Do you have standing appointments? Do you grocery shop during the school day? Whatever it may be, get to a point where you can designate days based on schedules. Set all appointments for the same day so you do not have to repeatedly interrupt your school day. Appoint one day the “official errand” day. Pick up the paper you need for copy work, supplies for crafts, and other things you do need to accomplish. running errands
  4. Be flexible – As much as we try to stay on task and work within our schedules, there is still plenty of time to be flexible. Every day life often just happens and a set schedule with no flexibility only makes things more stressful. Knowing we have a little extra time built into our day means we can handle situations that may arise without a major upheaval.

Plus, don’t forget… we can look fabulous doing it no matter who sees us! Homeschool is as much about self-expression as it is about discovery and learning. And my girls are not about to fall behind in their fashion trends and latest styles simply because they do not sit in a school building each day. They are still just as sassy and silly as ever.

smiling and growing

What time management tips do you have to share?

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