children playing soccer in red and blue uniforms

Kids Love Soccer All Over the World – Should You Get Yours Involved?

Soccer, or football in many countries, is one of the most popular sports in the world, played by people in almost every country across the globe.

This team sport involves 11 players on each side that use their legs, head, and torso to pass the ball between them in order to score goals. 

You don’t need me to tell you just how popular football is! There’s certainly been no end to news about soccer over the last few weeks!

Even if you’ve not been an avid watcher of the World Cup 2022, turning on the TV or opening up a web browser has likely shown you a glimpse into the football fever that has gripped a lot of the globe.

A staggering 5 million people were expected to attend the FIFA World cup that is being held in Qatar during the weeks of November 20 to December 18 2022. However, for many people, watching and participating in a sport such as soccer is more than just a fun hobby or an exciting pastime. 

Many sports fans feel that global events such as the World Cup have the power to do more than just bring spectators together, that they can actually unite people to change the world.

Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, has been quoted to say that soccer “unites in hope, it unites in joy, it unites in passion, it unites in love, as well in diversity.”

The former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, famously said that “sport has the power to change the world… to inspire… to unite people in a way that little else does.”

children playing soccer in red and blue uniforms

More than just a physical exercise, soccer has a powerful grip on the whole world. Since it became a formal sport, it has captured the hearts of millions, of many families, generations, and communities.

The next generation (which you can read more about here) is beginning its training using innovative techniques and technologies to create the soccer players of the future.

To understand why soccer is so important, and the potential benefits it has for your family, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading and you’ll likely come to see the beautiful game in a whole new light and more greatly appreciate the power it truly has. 

How Your Family Will Benefit by Playing Soccer

The benefits that playing soccer can bring are wide and varied. Let’s consider just a few.

  • Health benefits. Soccer is a great sport to help maintain health, fitness, endurance, and strength. Due to the sport involving a wide range of activities and actions, there are a great range of health benefits that come from it.

    Aerobic capacity is increased, and cardiovascular health is improved. Body fat is lowered, and muscle tone is heightened, allowing players to build strength and flexibility through regular participation.

    Muscle and bone strength is increased, and shifting between walking, running and sprinting does great things to overall health. Hand eye coordination is improved also as multiple skills and techniques need to be applied simultaneously. 
  • Personal benefits. A great deal of personal development can come from participating in a team sport like soccer. Working together as a team, and sharing responsibility is essential as part of a soccer squad.

    Concentration is crucial, persistence is vital, and self-discipline is fundamental, in order to grow in ability and succeed as a soccer player.

    For young people, soccer is a great way to help them learn important interpersonal skills so that they can learn how to talk to new people they meet and build friendships with people that are different to them but united with a common interest.

    If prior to learning soccer the individual struggled with confidence and self-esteem, learning how to play soccer as part of a team provides the perfect opportunity to help them in these areas and reduce anxiety. 

Besides these major benefits both in regards to health and personal development, why else is soccer so popular?

The Reasons Behind the Popularity

It’s quite mind-blowing to realize how many people live and breathe the sport of soccer, almost viewing it as if it were their religion. Just one single game has the power to pause an entire city, holding an entire country captive in the drama of it all.

So, what are some of the reasons for this powerful hold that soccer has on the earth?

  1. It’s cheap. Children around the world find something to kick, from a tin can to a plastic bottle, and suddenly have a game of soccer on the street. With some simple stones to form the goals, and a little bit of imagination, even the simplest of equipment can become an emotional and powerful game.

    Soccer can be played anywhere, anyhow, with anything, meaning it’s an equalizer, something that can unite people of any background. 
  2. It’s easy to play. While some of the rules may seem a little obscure, in its most basic form it’s one of the easiest sports to play. Many of the positions in a team of football players require little expertise, so even newbies can get stuck in from the off. 
  3. It has a rich history. One of the oldest and most valued sports of all time, the rich history and heritage that is connected to the beautiful game is a big factor of why it is so popular today. From this rich history has grown a rich culture and tradition, with the love being passed down from generation to generation.
  4. It has a wonderful atmosphere. Even the most inexperienced football fan can’t help but get swept away in the emotional atmosphere of a soccer match. The strong loyalty of the fans, the sounds of their chants, the colors of their flags and the feeling of adrenaline as the game reaches its finale captures the attention and admiration of all. 

While soccer may not be the sport for you, there’s nothing to say it won’t be the sport for your kids. If you can encourage them to pursue it, you will likely see the positive effect it has on their physical and mental health and on their personal development.