Houston’s Frozen Delights: A Comprehensive Ice Skating Guide for Beginners

Houston is a beautiful place for outings and has something for everyone.

With its all exciting hangout places such as bars, restaurants, dating places, aquarium city, spooky city, and more, it also has cool ice skating places to enjoy with your family and friends.

You can completely indulge in ice skating in the winter season, a mainly loved activity in Houston. 

There are plenty of places to explore for skating, including the best ice skating rinks in Houston . In this piece, we will dive into all those places where you can explore and enjoy with your family and friends. 

family ice skating happily together at an indoor rink

Best places for ice skating in Houston

If you are looking for a new activity to enjoy your weekend, then ice skating in Houston is a great idea. If you are a skater or even if you are a beginner, it doesn’t matter. You are going to enjoy it a lot in those places.

With ice skating facilities, these places offer other activities, such as festivals, performances, and other sports. Let’s go through the sites for ice skating rinks in Houston. 

Sugar Land Ice Skating Center 

It is the perfect location to participate in public ice skating with teens and is a trendy sport for them. Even if you are a beginner and feel comfortable on the ice with reins, there are numerous sections to participate in, from basic to advanced. 

For your convenience and comfort, you can also attend some lessons in ice skating before setting foot on the ice rinks.

You can also see the performances of the people gliding on the glass despite taking part yourself. The starting price for enjoying here is $12 for two hours. 

Ice Skate Memorial City 

If you are a winter sports lover searching for a place on the ice in Houston, this place is the best fit for you.

This rink is kept up-to-date and well-maintained, which makes it an excellent site for skating and ice hockey. There you will find all aged people, from older to younger ones. 

This site is one of the credits for this famous ice skating rink because it is a centralized location between the hustle and bustle areas such as medical centers and shopping malls.

The starting price for enjoying here is $10 for the specific hours mentioned in the entry pass, and it is kept closed on Friday.   

Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex

You are going to experience a lot in this skating complex, but before heading toward the complex, you must check the website because the schedule changes daily.

The beauty of this place is the lighting during skating which gives a feeling of old-school disco. 

This complex also provides walkers for younger children to participate in ice skating. The starting price for enjoying here is $11 for the specific hours mentioned in the entry pass.   

Bellerive Ice Center

It is one of the most famous ice skating rinks in Houston, and it provides almost everything you want or need from an ice skating rink.

This place also gets booked for parties and unique ideas for special occasions. The staff of the site are very humble, friendly, and experienced. 

You can also participate in freestyle skating, but before that, you will have to go under a consultation in which the skater guide will tell you about the rules of the rink. 

If you are a regular skater or want to enjoy a single session, it doesn’t matter; you can pay accordingly. The starting price for enjoying here is $13.50 for the specific hours mentioned in the entry pass. 

Ice at the Galleria

Suppose you are on holiday and want to experience the most magical festive skating experience in Houston. In that case, head to the Ice at the Galleria, and you will get the experience.

You will get a fantastic view of a spectacular Christmas tree in the middle of the shopping mall, where you can skate around it until your heart’s content. It is not just for Christmas Eve; this ice rink is open year-round. 

So, if you are fed up with Houston’s summer humidity, you can cool yourself down with an indoor winter experience in Ice at the Galleria.

This ice rink is well-maintained and has a bonus benefit: it is set inside Houston’s biggest shopping mall, which means you can also shop with your enjoyable skating. The starting price for enjoying here is $25, including rental skates. 

Discovery Green

This place has a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere when visiting here on weekends. You can purchase the tickets before going there through online booking. This ice rink offers the cheapest rate compared to all ice rinks, which is $8. 

It is one of the many thrilling activities you can participate in and enjoy with your family and friends. It is the best spot with the lowest price for ice skating. 


In conclusion, you can enjoy Houston’s frozen delights with your family and friends with these activities.

By thoroughly reading this article, you will get an idea about the ice skating rinks in Houston, where you can have a thrilling experience with fantastic views and do some shopping too. 

These places will give you a winter feeling even during humid summer. Houston has something for everyone, which is so impressive. So, do not wait for the thrilling experiences. Pack your bags and enjoy the frozen delights of Houston!