The Ultimate Guide To Building A Functional Home Bar

Are you planning on modernizing your existing space by adding a home bar?

Do you want to provide more entertainment for your guests when they come over by incorporating a bar in your home?

Are you wondering how to undertake this project? This article will guide you appropriately to ensure you build a functional home bar. Read on! 

The Ultimate Guide To Building A Functional Home Bar

Please do the following:

  1. Acquire The Right Furniture 

Your home bar furniture determines the comfort levels of your guests. It’s a factor if they want to keep coming back, or they’ll steer away, maybe due to backaches and the like. 

Therefore, it’s essential to choose the right furniture. Furniture extends beyond the seats; it also includes the countertops.

Your bar seats should go hand-in-hand with the countertop, especially when it comes to height.

The bar stools must not be too high that your guests have to keep bending their backs or too low that their necks and hands are stretched out for the most part.

It can be uncomfortable. Therefore, the height difference shouldn’t be large. 

Consider having a mixture of bar stools with backs and others without them. The choice will depend on your guest.

Also, allow your countertop to extend to the outside at a considerable distance, such that your guests can comfortably fit their legs as they enjoy drinks. 

In general, you should choose furniture made of durable material that’ll stand the test of time. It should also be easy to clean, considering the number of alcohol spills it will endure.  

It’s good to note that your home bar doesn’t have to be of boring solid designs. There are many designs and materials to choose from engineered wood to traditional styles. Here, your mind is your limitation.  

You can decide to blend the design of your bar to that of your home for a uniform look.

  1. Assess Your Space 

The amount of space available will determine the size of your home bar, with its location determining the dos and don’ts. 

If you’re to set up your home bar at the corner of your living room or in a limited space, you want to put up a small-sized bar. You can elongate the bar area by playing with its shape.

For instance, use a curved countertop instead of a straight one to provide more surface area.

As you consider size, you need to factor in the ease of mobility. Can you easily maneuver around as you prepare drinks for your guests?  

You also want to consider the functionality of the other space in the room.

The home bar shouldn’t hinder traffic or your use of the room, especially on placing your bar stools. Based on this, you have to locate your home bar strategically.  

Moreover, you need to ensure proper mobility through the spaces so that you can be as functional as possible.

Lots of people have gotten lucky with this website with a swinging door that can act as a divider between the home bar and other spaces.

This allows for the kitchen, dining space or entertainment area to be accessed conveniently.

When it comes to location, there are many areas where you can build your home bar besides having it in your living room. It could be an empty room, a space in your kitchen, or even your basement.  

  1. Consider Its Purpose 

Purpose, in this context, means who you’re looking to host in your home bar. 

It could be your friends, families, or neighbors. Either way, the main factor to consider is their population. What’s the maximum number you expect at a go?

By knowing this information, you’ll be in a position to determine the size to build. You want to have a home bar that’ll not be too big or too small.

It should have adequate space for your guests to interact freely without knocking each other’s drinks down. 

You’ll also know the type of bar to set up regarding design. When it comes to your friends, you’re familiar with the environment they like, maybe a country or a rusty look.

So, why not create a space that’ll also suit them besides suiting you?

  1. Factor-In Storage 

Your home bar can’t function efficiently without a storage area. Therefore, you also need to build storage where you’ll store your drinks. 

The size of your storage area depends on the amount of space you have. You might only have an empty wall in your living room.

If space is a limitation, consider building a vertical storage cabinet that extends along with the height of your wall instead of horizontally.  

As you position your storage area, ensure you don’t place it in direct sunlight, as it might alter your alcohol’s composition and it ends up deteriorating in quality.

It’s good to note that you need to store your wine horizontally rather than when straight to ensure its longevity.

With this in mind, you can build an appropriate storage section that’ll serve this purpose. 

There are a variety of designs you can choose from based on your preference. You can go for a glass enclosure that allows you to display your alcohol collection.

If the display isn’t your style, adopt lockable cabinets. Alternatively, put in place floating shelves with an alternating pattern, allowing for both functionality and design.  


As seen, designing a home bar isn’t a challenging project for your home.

With proper guidance, like this article gives, you’ll know what to factor in for an efficient home bar.

The main take-home is to balance functionality and aesthetics or design. You don’t have to forego either to achieve the other one.