A rainbow of colourful painted houses in Brighton, London

Exploring the Lanes of Brighton: Quirky Shops and Vintage Finds

Brighton has always been one of the places that lovers of UK history want to visit.

This was once a very special place where people from the city went to enjoy a summer holiday outside the city of London.

Brighton is like a little time capsule that has preserved so much historic charm and offers you access to very authentic and memorable shopping and dining options.

Brighton is beautiful, and you should consider heading to this lovely city just to drink in the beauty of the place.

If you love shopping, there is also no better place to head to during your time in the UK (other than London).

Finding quirky shops and vintage clothing and items is easy in this charming little hamlet, and lovers of this kind of shopping will be in heaven here.

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Couple shopping for souvenirs, Brighton, England

Quirky shops and vintage finds in Brighton

1. Snoopers Paradise

The name of this little shop says it all. This is a store that invites you to rummage and find bargains as well as charming items that you will delight in tinkering with and possibly buying.

This is a store that is full of hidden gems, and there are antiques, oddities, and local crafts all tucked away inside this precious store.

You can find vintage clothing here as well as antique books, and there are even strange things like beetles preserved in jars and jewelry on offer here.

2. Sprinkles Gelato Brighton

Gelato is one of the things that you absolutely must enjoy in Brighton. Brighton has been famous for its ice cream eateries since the 1800s when this kind of summer treat first became popular.

There are gelato and ice cream shops all over the place in Brighton, and you will be constantly stumbling over new places to enjoy as you are shopping and experiencing the city.

3. The Brighton Bead Shop

Bead shops are a paradise for those who love creating jewelry and other trinkets. This is one of the best bead shops in the UK, and you can come here and linger looking at pretty, colorful, and sparkly beads of all kinds.

For those who want to get beads in bulk, you can just grab a basket and go to it, but you can also get very specific bead types that are prepackaged and ready to be made into crafts.

4. All About Audrey

For Bohemian clothing as well as vintage-inspired shopping, there is no better place to head than All About Audrey.

This clothing store is a blast from the past, and everyone who loves old-fashioned and retro clothing will be glad they stopped by.

From long and flowy dresses to jewelry and added style items, this charming shop is a great place to head for all things vintage and unique.

5. Hope and Harlequin

This vintage boutique is hidden right in the middle of the city. The cute storefront promises the kind of experience that vintage shoppers have been looking for.

This is a 60s and 70s-themed boutique, and you will be able to find vintage designer gowns, sportswear, and more here.

They also have a section dedicated to vintage bridal gowns. Plan on shopping for a wide array of cool things, and be sure to give yourself enough time to make the most of your visit to this shop.

6. Rebound Store

This adorable shopping outlet is right by the arch at Brighton’s West Pier. This is a place for shoppers of all kinds who love thrifted items, designer pieces, and lots of 70s items.

The shop is small, but it is stuffed full of cool and unique finds that anyone would love to shop through.

From shoes to bags to clothing and home goods, you will find a lot of very exciting stuff to buy here. You will also be right on the pier, which is a great place to enjoy some added fun and sightseeing.

7. Patrick Moorhead Antiques

Antique shoppers will love this location, where you can find lots of fine items. You might not be in the mood to buy anything if you are just traveling, but there are a few antique locations that are this big and interesting. 

Antique lovers will be fascinated with the experience of seeing so many nice antiques in person, even if they can’t buy them. You might also be able to peruse the collection and have the items that you have picked shipped home.

8. The Open Market

This historic outdoor market has been around for years, and there is something here for everyone.

There are food stalls, grocery stalls, antiques for sale, and clothing and tools on offer. This is a classic outdoor fair environment, and you will even see some horses and carriages and street performers as you make your way through the market.

Be ready to be dazzled by all kinds of distracting things, and also allow yourself plenty of time to make the most of meandering through the market.

Brighton is a lovely place to shop and have fun

There are so many things to love about a day in Brighton. From visiting the beach to eating out to shopping, you will have a great time in this city.

You can even choose to stay at a lovely local bed and breakfast so that you can spend more than a day here to see everything that Brighton has to offer.

This was a historic location for summering away from the heat of the city, and you will find historic charm around every corner of the city.

Lovers of history will enjoy the beauty of the buildings that often exude Georgian charm, and thrifters and vintage shoppers will have a great time sifting through the cool stuff that is on sale at all of these shopping outlets.

Brighton is special for so many reasons, and there is no shortage of vintage retail therapy available when you head here for a day or a weekend.