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Encourage Exploration and Curiosity with Baby Einstein

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The toddler stage is easily my favorite to watch. Being able to see new experiences through a toddler’s eyes is simply incredible to witness.

Encourage Exploration & Curiosity with Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein

With my granddaughter, she’s having so much fun learning new words, discovering skills, and creating fun moments for herself. Toys such as The Baby Einstein™ Around We Grow™ 4-in-1 Discovery Center and Magic Touch Piano™ help her develop as she plays.

Both Baby Einstein toys offer her small hands a combination of physical and sensory experiences that promote movement and cognitive skills.

Encourage Exploration & Curiosity with Baby Einstein

Already establishing her own appreciation for music, she enjoys carrying the Magic Touch Piano from room-to-room putting on little concerts for everyone. 

Although she seems to love expressing herself through her own songs, she’s quickly learning how to  practice color coordination by matching the color-coded notes on the sheets to the keys on her piano.

Encourage Exploration & Curiosity with Baby Einstein

The magic touch technology requires no buttons and the piano is just right for small hands. 

Not to mention, the concept of producing music by tapping the keys on the Magic Touch Piano also teaches her cause and effect. Each color-coded button has a different sound and she knows that music comes from each tap of a key.

Encourage Exploration & Curiosity with Baby Einstein

She plays and, much to her delight, we all listen. 

Fortunately, the Around We Grow Discovery Center will provide a great opportunity for her to play with her baby sister coming soon!

Baby Einstein Around We Grow 4-in-1

How? Around We Grow features four exciting ways to play —360° Walk-Around Discovery Center, Discovery Table, Art Table, and Removable Floor Toys.

From sitting at 6 months up to standing and then walking, there’s a mode for every stage.

While she will have moved on to playing with the toys on the floor or using the Art Table, her baby sister will enjoy the 360° seat that travels around the table.

Baby Einstein Around We Grow

Each function and individual nature-themed piece of the Around We Grow Discovery Center is designed to encourage auditory, visual, and tactile discovery. 

One of her favorite features is hearing each of the learning words repeated in three different languages. As she’s building her vocabulary, she’s also getting a better understanding of various dialects.

Baby Einstein Around We Grow Art Table

Plus, already a big fan of creating art, we all enjoy having an art table for her. She can draw and scribble to her heart’s desire on a smooth, easy-to-clean surface.

Most of all, she has so much fun playing with both toys while her parents and I enjoy watching as curiosity feeds her mind and cultivates future success. 

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