Digital Decorations from AtmosFX

Easy Tips for Using Digital Decorations by AtmosFX

We have lived in a 2-story home for the past 11 years. Each year at Christmastime, the kids ask if we’re going to put lights up outside.

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As in, they want to line the edge of the roof with lights.

Me? I would like to (1) avoid anyone falling while trying to do so and (2) avoid paying anyone to do it. I know, my kids think I’m a Grinch.

Digital Decorations from AtmosFX

Digital Decorations

But, I’ve found an easier way this year! Digital decorations from AtmosFX! You’ve probably seen these at Halloween.

The animated characters and stories are projected onto a window or wall to help animate your holiday decorations.

So, if you’re tired of stringing lights, climbing tall ladders, or simply dealing with untangling strand after strand of lights, AtmosFX is exactly what you need! Window projections are incredibly easy to set up and eye-catching.

As you prepare to set up your digital decorations, it helps to follow these tips:

  1. Choose the right window — This should go without mentioning, but you never know. First, make sure you choose a window that can be seen from the sidewalk or street. After all, once you set up the projector, you want to make sure others can enjoy it! You don’t necessarily have to choose the biggest window… just the best one for your projection. In fact, bay windows work great for digital decorations! Spread your projection material across the inside frame, you will create a nice wide frame for your holiday scene.
  2. Pick projection material — Since you obviously can’t project directly onto a window and expect it to be seen, you need projection material. A semi-translucent material is best so that your projector can sit inside, while everyone outside can still view the projected scene. For reference, AtmosFX offers three different projection material options that have been designed specifically for digital decorating.
  3. Be mindful of lights — Your projector uses light to display the images it produces. Therefore, just like in a movie theater, the darker the environment around the projector, the better. Consider the angle of your projector as well. Make sure to check from the outside to see how others will be seeing your display. Adjust the lights and angles to give those outside your home the best view!

With just a little bit of set-up, your house could be decorated for the holidays in no time!

AtmosFX digital decorating kit projector

By the way, holidays go well beyond Christmas. AtmosFX has scenes to fit all sorts of occasions:

  • Birthdays
  • Football
  • New Year’s
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter
  • 4th of July
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

How are you using digital decorations?

AtmosFX has several winter holiday digital decorations that can be played on a screen, or projected on a wall, or window.

They even have a 3D animated Santa that is sure to delight your holiday party guests.

Santa's Visit digital decorations

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