Professional Barista Preparing Coffee by Aeropress Alternative Method, Brewing Process. Hands on Aeropress and Glass Cup, Scales, Manual Grinder, Coffee Beans, Kettle on Wooden Table

Try These Different AeroPress Brewing Techniques

There is some seriously untapped versatility of the AeroPress. It’s not just your go-to for a standard cup of joe – it’s a powerhouse capable of churning out a plethora of coffee styles.

From a quick 40ml espresso shot to a bold batch of black gold, served hot or cold, brewed in a flash or indulged over a leisurely 12 hours, it’s all thanks to your trusty AeroPress.

We’re dishing out two AeroPress recipes that promise to make your taste buds dance.

We’ll be using the magic number – 14 grams of coffee (basically one AeroPress scoop), but if you’re serious about the brew game, grab those scales.

If you’re feeling a bit rebellious, use these recipes as a launchpad for your own AeroPress experiments. Let the brewing adventure begin!

Professional Barista Preparing Coffee by Aeropress Alternative Method, Brewing Process. Hands on Aeropress and Glass Cup, Scales, Manual Grinder, Coffee Beans, Kettle on Wooden Table

Technique #1: AeroPress Espresso via Cold Extraction

With the following recipes, we assume you already know how to make a standard AeroPress coffee. Once you’ve mastered the easy stuff, you can level up your game with an AeroPress 

Espresso via Cold Extraction.


  • 14g finely ground coffee (aim for an espresso grind size; go finer with 6 clicks on the Comandante)
  • 50-60g room temperature water (approximately 20°C)


  1. Prepare Your Coffee

Measure 14 grams of your favorite coffee beans and grind them to a fine consistency, leaning towards the espresso grind size. For precision, go six clicks finer on your Comandante grinder.

  1. Introduce Room Temperature Water

Unlike traditional hot water brewing methods, the charm of this cold extraction lies in using water at room temperature. Measure 50-60 grams of it – about 20°C should do the trick. Pour the water over the finely ground coffee.

  1. Stir It Up

Take a moment to stir the coffee and water mixture for about 30 seconds. This extra agitation is the secret ingredient, ensuring a thorough extraction even at a lower temperature. Feel free to channel your inner barista as you mix it up.

  1. Gentle Press

Now, it’s showtime. Gently press the AeroPress plunger down. The process should take a little over a minute, but patience is key. The slow and steady press ensures you’re squeezing out all those exquisite flavors without hot water.

Technique #2: The Inverted Method

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect morning cup of coffee, the inverted AeroPress method may be it.


  • 14g coffee (medium grind size, approximately 16 clicks on the Comandante)
  • 200g water at 93°C


Begin your journey to total brewing control by placing the AeroPress in the inverted position. This simple flip sets the stage for a unique and controlled brewing experience.

  1. Measure out 14 grams of coffee, opting for a medium grind size (about 16 clicks on the Comandante). Drop these magic beans into the awaiting AeroPress chamber, ready to work their wonders.
  2. Add 200 grams of water at 93°C to heat things up. Allow the coffee and water to mingle for one minute. Meanwhile, rinse the filter and cap the AeroPress, creating a seal. Don’t forget the satisfying press to expel any extra air.
  3. After the minute rendezvous, carefully rotate the AeroPress onto your cup of choice. Now, the magic unfolds as you press down steadily. 
  4. What makes the Inverted Method stand out is its separation of steeping and pressing phases, akin to the sophistication of a Clever Dripper. This allows unparalleled control over your brew, making it adaptable to any grind size.
  5. Yes, the tricky part – turning the AeroPress. While many of us have tales of funny (or not-so-funny) accidents, fear not. With practice, you’ll master the graceful turn, ensuring no spills and all thrills.

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