pottery barn kids kitchen appliances

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My girls love to help out in the kitchen. In fact, they even have not one, but TWO play kitchens. The time they spend pretending to cook in their kitchens is simply priceless. I believe there are life lessons taught in pretend play. Plus, they have been cooking up fun with Pottery Barn Kids toy kitchen appliances.

pottery barn kids kitchen appliances

Pottery Barn Kids

Sized just for little hands, the toy kitchen appliances are made for creative play. I cannot tell you how excited my girls were to find that both the Blender and Coffee Maker they received actually worked. Well, they do not actually make coffee or smoothies, but they do mix, “brew” water, and beep when finished. They were over the moon as how realistic they were! There was no waiting to get them out of the boxes.

pottery barn kids coffee maker

Coffee Maker

Since we are huge coffee drinkers around here, my 8 year old knew she wanted to try the Coffee Maker first. She knows how to use our brewers to make our coffee each evening, so she had no problems working the Pottery Barn Coffee Maker. Waiting for Colby to install the batteries was the toughest part of the process for her. Once she had her first cup brewing, she made sure to serve me up a cup right away. She was so proud of herself and thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the water actually went through the coffee maker and a light flashed along the bottom. Such a great imaginative toy for kids!

pottery barn kids blender


The younger two girls worked through learning the Pottery Barn Blender together. They gathered a few plastic food items and inserted them into the removable pitcher. Each one pushed a button or two and set the blender into motion. They had a fabulous time listening to it “blend” their food and waiting for their concoction to be done. And, of course, I was served their freshly blended smoothie as well while they showed me exactly how each appliance worked.

They are are already asking for the Mixer that Pottery Barn offers as well. It has a removable bowl and makes a real mixing sound. They obviously need all of their kitchen appliances to match, right? Guess there will be a visit to their store soon!