10 Compelling Reasons To Rent An RV For A Family Holiday

Do you miss the simpler times when being a family meant gathering around the dining table and discussing all the highs and lows of the day?

Today, all the free time that a family has to bond with each other is hijacked by electronic devices, especially smartphones.

Children barely have time to look up from their devices to notice what’s going on around them.

And parents are no better themselves! TikTok, Instagram, and other such platforms have robbed us of quality time with our families. 

mom and son cutting vegetables at outdoor table while RV camping

Rent An RV

So, how do you make new memories if you cannot seem to look up from your devices? Rent an RV and plan a family holiday!

Let the open road mend your relationships and bring you closer. Ensure to leave all those distracting gadgets at home when you are on the road. 

Renting an RV in Los Angeles or anywhere in the USA means you get to travel with your family on your own terms.

You can choose your chariot according to your crew size, budget, and travel style.

There are RVs in various sizes and shapes, including luxurious campers that resemble homes on wheels and budget-friendly RVs if you are planning a quick weekend getaway.

RV adventures promise something far more exciting than cramped hotel rooms and tourist traps. And it opens up a world of opportunities to make new family memories. 

Although this should be reason enough for you to quickly look up RV rentals and book one immediately, here are some more reasons if you need a bit more convincing. 

  • Think unlimited flexibility and freedom 

Renting an RV for your next family holiday means unchaining yourself from the shackles of pre-booked itineraries and strict schedules.

Sitting behind the whees, you are the captain and free to follow the whims and wonders that hit you while you are driving. 

Whether you want to discover a hidden hiking trail or watch a breathtaking sunset sitting on a secluded beach with your loved ones, it is your choice. 

The road being your blank canvas, you can indulge in spontaneous decisions. 

  • Enjoy the excitement of living on wheels 

Depending on the type of RV you have chosen for your family adventure, it is probably equipped with all the basic amenities you need to survive on the road for days.

Additionally, you can carry the essentials like water, RV toilet paper, sewer kit, and the likes to make the RV resemble your home. 

You can park the RV at campgrounds and enjoy the view. There’s no need to unpack and repack at every stop. Whatever you need is right in your RV and within your reach. 

The magic of an RV vacation is enjoying the thrill of a new landscape whenever you wake up in the morning while enjoying all the comforts and amenities of your home. 

  • Staying together on the road means shared memories and laughter 

An RV vacation gives families an opportunity to ditch the screens and connect with each other on a deeper level.

Think of playing board games by the campfire or sharing spooky stories while making s’mores. 

  • Ample opportunity to embrace the bounties of nature 

By renting an RV, you get to enjoy the great outdoors. It is your playground, right outside the door. 

Look for campgrounds to park your RV, and if you are traveling during the peak season, book a spot in advance.

If the campground is near wonderful hiking trails, it would be an added bonus. If you like the beach, look for campsites that are situated near the beach. 

With an RV, every day is an opportunity to explore the wonders of nature. 

  • The best family vacation within a budget 

Forget about overpriced restaurant meals, hotel expenses, and expensive tourist traps. You can turn the kitchen in your RV into a gourmet haven and whip up delicious meals using local ingredients. 

If you choose to book a campground for parking your RV, you can also enjoy outdoor activities and meet other RVers traveling with family. Your kids can make friends while on the road. 

  • You can visit and access some fantastic off-the-grid areas 

Renting an RV means you can easily dry camp or boondock because all the amenities you need are already in your vehicle. 

With a little research, you can find boondocking sites that are free.

Usually, boondocking is allowed on most National Forest land and the Bureau of Land Management, along with public lands. You can stay for fourteen to twenty-one days in one place without paying anything. 

  • Similar to camping but without all the fuss 

Planning to go camping with your kids? Honestly, putting up a tent is a lot of work. Also, taking down the tent is a lot of work, and you might be the only one working. 

Along with the tent, you will have to inflate and deflate the airbeds, pack up the entire car whenever you want to move, and so on. It is just too much work!

Instead of going tent camping, rent an RV and go camping so you can camp out in your RV. RVs offer a practical solution to easy camping, where you can enjoy all the adventures of camping without all the hard work. 

  • You can meet your friends and family on the road without imposing on them 

Renting an RV means you make the rules on the road. You can go wherever the road beckons. There doesn’t need to be a specific plan.

So, suppose you have friends and family living along the route you have decided to take, you can always stop by and say hello. You can enjoy a hearty meal with them and then come back to your RV and hit the road. 

Maybe your kids can meet your college best friend without being an imposition on your friend. You can even ask them to come along with you to turn the family vacation into a fun adventure. 

Summing Up 

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter family vacations and embrace the open road. Renting an RV for holidaying with family is a transformative experience and a great way to forge long-lasting bonds.