Bumbum Lily Mary Janes

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Do you have a little girl that loves to wear a pretty dress and patent leather shoes? Of all 4 of my daughters, I have one that could practically live in her fancy dresses and shiny shoes. So, when I was offered a pair of Bumbums‘ Lily Mary Janes I knew she would love them!

Bumbum Lily Mary Janes

Lily Mary Janes

Although my Princess likes to dress up fancy, she always appreciates a wardrobe that is both fun and fashionable. I think that is why she really enjoyed the black glam Bumbums’ Lily Mary Janes. The shine alone was enough to capture her attention right away. But when I showed her the adorable interchangeable bauble accessories she was excited.

Not only can her feet look stylish in the black patent leather shoes with bow baubles, but she can mix and match more accessories. There is everything from different colors of bows to hearts and fairies. Each pair of Bumbums come with a pair of baubles, and you can add more accessories to complement your shoes. Or, mix and match with your friends for an even greater collection and more fun.

Baubles fairy

With the hook and loop ankle strap on the Bumbums, Princess had no trouble putting her baubles on herself… and then putting her Lily Mary Janes securely on her feet. She already has a few fashionable looks picked out to wear with her new shoes for the holidays. And modeling them for everyone to see is another one of her favorite things to do.

I think she wears them well and have quickly become her most worn shoes. It has even become easier getting her up and ready for church because she wants to anxiously get her shoes on. It probably helps that she says they are very comfortable on her feet. I guess the colorful, flexible rubber sole and cushioned in-sock are there for more than just looks. Ha!

Mary Janes

You can find Bumbums in toddler to kid shoe sizes, 8 to 2.

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