Bowl Like a Pro With These 7 Clever Tips

Bowl Like a Pro With These 7 Clever Tips

Struggling to become better at bowling?

Here are some awesome tips that can make you play like a pro! 

Bowl Like a Pro With These 7 Clever Tips

Pick the right ball

The ball you play with can sometimes have even a decisive role in the game’s result. To that end, a ball that you play with should firstly be comfortable to your hand.

For instance, it can be of high quality and so on, but if it simply does not fit your hand comfortably, then you should look for one that does. 

Secondly, it should be of the right weight. The perfect balance in terms of weight is measured by its proportion in comparison to your body weight: ideally, it should weigh about 10% of your total body weight.

Therefore, ensure that you always take the bowling balls recommended by experts, as these make you a better player and help you have the best control over the game and results.

In other words, know that the ball is the means of your success so make sure you always choose the best for yourself! 

Hand and wrist control

The way you throw the ball will in most cases dictate the score. This means that this action is the crucial one in bowling. Once you gain total control over your hand and wrist, you can certainly play like a pro.

At the same time, learning the throwing technique is the first aim of any bowler novice. 

However, this does not mean that only novices learn it, rather, the technique takes months and years of practice, determination, and focus to hone.

So it is not surprising that much-experienced bowlers still explore new throwing techniques and keep perfecting their body-mind connection and control. 

What you should know is that you need to keep your wrist and arm focused and straight while you are throwing.

Make sure you don’t relax your arm in the process as the weight of the ball may then easily take control and go into a slightly different direction than you wanted it to go!

Finish the way the pros do

After you learn and practice throwing, it remains to learn and perfect the last small detail of this essential action. This is finishing the act of throwing. It refers to how to release the ball.

Many people make the mistake of releasing the ball either too early or too late. You can find the balance if you look at the position of the ball in comparison to your body. 

For instance, it is recommended that you release the ball once it reaches the height of your shoulder or slightly higher than that.

After some practice, you will be able to determine the right position of the ball and feel what moment of ball releasing is the best for you!

Develop good timing

Pro bowlers are always punctual. This does not refer to whether they come on time to their job, but rather to the right time they keep the ball in their hands. In other words, they stick to the learned pattern of a few movements they perform in throwing a ball.

These movements imply the hand, wrist, arm, and body movements. In addition to this, they have also developed the good timing of the whole action. Similarly, this is what you should also try: make a compact pattern of body and hand movements, and lock them in a specified timeframe!

On top of that, make sure you are aware of where your ball is in relation to all these steps!

Choose your spot carefully

The distance between you and your goal is also important. What is more, sometimes, even centimeters matter. In that sense, make sure you wisely pick the best spot and you are ready for the action.

Hint: arrows and dots on the player’s lane may help you determine the right stop to stand on!

Mind-muscle connection

Mind-muscle connection refers to how capable you are to control your movements in a very detailed manner. This refers to the slightest and sophisticated details of holding, turning, and releasing the ball in a precise and accurate way.

The mind-muscle connection is developed over time by concentrating on the muscles in your hand and arms and gaining full control over them!

Practice, practice, practice 

Becoming a pro takes more than a good technique. It takes weeks, months, and years of motivation, devotion, and struggle.

Therefore, after you study all the tips in this list, make sure you practice, practice, and practice! 

Always keep in mind this proverb: “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice”. Good luck!