Waterfront Hotel a Joie De Vivre Hotel

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Waterfront Hotel a Joie De Vivre Hotel

Waterfront Hotel a Joie De Vivre Hotel

This past weekend, Colby and I used Booking.com to spend an extra day with friends in San Francisco. Colby hopped on Booking.com and discovered the Waterfront Hotel a Joie De Vivre Hotel. The view of the water alone was incredible. But, in addition to the view, the hotel was also extremely clean and within walking distance to everything we needed.

San Francisco hotel view of bay

Jack London Square was literally right out the door. There was a fabulous market in the square upon our arrival and we were able to enjoy a nice stroll through the area.

Jack London Square San Francisco

Not to mention, the bay was an excellent backdrop to the heated pool and lobby sitting area. Both areas offered an ideal location to sit and talk with good friends.

Joie De Vivre Hotel - San Francisco

Once in our room, the king size bed was comfortable and we slept incredibly well. In fact, Colby didn’t want to get our of bed the next morning. I walked to a local dinner with our friends while he slept. This also gave us the opportunity to explore more of Jack London Square and to really enjoy all that the Waterfront Hotel a Joie De Vivre Hotel had to offer.

Be sure to look for Waterfront Hotel a Joie De Vivre Hotel on Booking.com if you ever find yourself in Oakland, CA.