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7 Benefits of RV Travel for Families

As a child, some of my fondest memories are the RV camping trips we would take every other summer. We’d cover 10 states in 10 days pulling a pop-up camper.

As a parent, and grandparent, making those memories with my children and grandchildren is even more precious. Fortunately, our family enjoys hooking up our RV travel trailer and hitting the road for a new adventure.

Whether we’re hauling our trailer to the mountains of Montana or just up the road to a nearby lake, there are many benefits of RV travel for families.

Benefits of RV Travel for Families

Here are just a few of the benefits of traveling in an RV that anyone could appreciate:

  1. Affordability

Planning a vacation is no easy feat; especially when you’re bringing the whole family. When you begin to add in hotel rooms, airfare, rental cars, and food, the price keeps rising.

Renting an RV is often less than a hotel room and offers you more than just a bed to sleep in. Not to mention, a full kitchen means less money spent on take-out!

bikes and camping chairs outside of an RV travel trailer door
  1. No Baggage Limits

Speaking of the kitchen sink, in an RV you have the space available to bring all of your necessities—whatever that may look like for you. Board games, pillows, bikes, toys, sports equipment, and more can be packed into the RV.

In fact, you can carry the clothes straight into the RV and leave the luggage at home to make more room for more of your essentials. No overage fees and no luggage limits to contend with. (Although you will need to stay within cargo-weight capacities, so maybe leave the family set of personalized bowling balls at home!)

hand holding remote control aimed at tv in rv trailer kitchen
  1. Comforts of Home

Being able to bring comforts of home along often helps the family feel more relaxed on the road. Not to mention, traveling in an RV can actually offer more comfortability with plush furniture and (in many models) a private bathroom!

Actually, if you’re in a motorhome (drivable RVs), you can safely ride on a comfy couch—with seat belts—while on the road.

My favorite bonus? If you own an RV, you can decorate your trailer to fit your own style to make it even more welcoming and familiar to your family while away.

kids digging in dirt in front of campfire pit with hammock hanging in background
  1. Flexible Itinerary

When you’re behind the wheel, you have more flexibility and control over your schedule. You can drive as much or as little as you like between locations and choose to stay as long or as short as you wish.

Not to mention, depending on the time you have to travel, you can visit more destinations. As stated above, we would travel to 10 different states! Make the most of your time on the road and explore more!

family sitting at picnic table in front of rv trailer and bikes
  1. Family Bonding

Easily one of the biggest advantages of RV travel for families is the quality time spent together. An RV provides opportunity for fun in a compact space compared to many homes.

In addition, there’s more time for playing games, adventuring outdoors, telling stories around a campfire, and enjoying s’mores each night before bed.

What’s more, you can bring the whole family—babies to grandparents, even the family pet! These are memories enjoyed by all that can last a lifetime.

man working at laptop sitting inside a rv trailer toy hauler
  1. Remote Work Capabilities

As more people have moved to working remotely, an RV gives you the ability to work and travel freely. Using a mobile hotspot or satellite WiFi, you can easily connect while away.

For those who must clock-in for a few hours each day, but want to still actively be involved in family trips, RV camping is a great option!

baby wearing sunhat playing with a toy while sitting in front of an rv trailer
  1. You Control Your Environment

Although some may feel free to travel, there are others that remain more vigilant in safety protocols. Traveling in an RV gives you access to a private bathroom, sanitized kitchen, and the ability to stay away from hotels.

For our family, this is the biggest benefit. After our youngest granddaughter was diagnosed with Leukemia during the height of the pandemic, keeping her safe became paramount.

But, the itch to travel—and do so safely—was still there. Our RV travel trailer became a safe haven for her and our family. Still today, it’s the most convenient, safest way to allow her to escape the confines of our homes and get outdoors!

What’s your reason for choosing RV travel?

No matter which benefit of RV travel fits your family best, it’s all about the time spent making memories!

Ready for your next RV road trip?

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