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Top Amenities To Look For In An Apartment Complex

If you’re purchasing property, you must consider security. But which security tools should you invest in for your apartment complex?

Keep reading as we discuss the top technologies to secure your property and ensure that you feel safe in your apartment complex unit in Wellington. 

Apartment Complex Amenities

Touchless Door Access at apartment complex

Touchless Door Access Control And Remote Management

Touchless access control is one of the most popular modern security solutions, providing convenient, airtight, and hygienic building security for your property.

Traditional key and lock systems must be improved to keep your building secure from intruders. An individual can easily pick the locks with the right tools.

Instead, you should turn to access control, which operates using keycards or fobs. Or, in the case of touchless access control, with mobile credentials.

Mobile credentials are digital access cards you can download to your device and use to enter the building. Eliminating the need for keycards and fobs can reduce the cost of replacement and the waiting times for a new keycard or fob to be made.

Below is a list of some of the benefits you stand to gain by implementing touchless access control at your apartment complex:

  • Hygienic entry – with your mobile credentials, you don’t need to push a button or enter a code to enter the building. Instead, you can enter the building without touching anything. All you need to do is wave your hand over the access control reader, which will trigger remote communication with your mobile device. This way, you can enter quickly, conveniently, and hygienically.
  • Increasing property value – if you are purchasing as an investor, installing top-tier security solutions will help to add value to your property.
  • First-time entry – you don’t want to stand outside your apartment or complex attempting entry over and over. With touchless access control, you can enter on your first attempt because the access control reader uses WiFi, BlueTooth, and cellular communication to ensure no failure.
  • Remote management – since touchless access control is a cloud-based solution; system administrators can manage security from anywhere using their mobile devices. You can lock and unlock doors remotely to ensure your unit and apartment complex are secure.

You should look for an apartment complex that implements touchless access control across all building amenities and entrances. 

Video Surveillance That Validates Identity

One of the critical vulnerabilities of an access control system is the potential for someone to enter the building using stolen credentials.

You can implement video surveillance for identity verification to prevent this incident from occurring, which could lead to a colossal security breach.

To verify identity using security cameras for apartment complexes, you cannot rely on an on-premise video surveillance and access control system.

Instead, you must opt for cloud-based solutions that you can integrate — allowing access logs and video surveillance footage to be readily available on a single platform. 

By housing this data in one place, your building’s security team will not have to correlate timestamps from different sources to validate identity — which would be too time-consuming to perform on a large scale.

To automate the process, your security staff can invest in facial recognition software to ensure that the tenant’s facial profile matches the credentials they are using — ensuring that no misappropriated access credentials are being used to enter the building.

Seamless And Convenient Visitor Check In 

Although you need to secure your apartment complex from intruders, you need a convenient way to allow your guests and visitors to enter the building.

Rather than invest in reception staff or door attendants for the building — which could drive up rent — your apartment complex can integrate visitor management software with its access control system.

Visitor management software automates the visitor management process, providing visitors with digital registration surveys they can fill out on their mobile devices to gain entry to the building. 

Once they have completed registration, they will receive temporary access credentials to enter the building.

The system will log their time of entry, along with their time of exit. The visitor will only be able to re-enter the building after performing the registration process again.

One Credential That Grants You Access To Shared Spaces

You should be able to use a single credential to access all the areas you need within your apartment building. Your apartment building property managers should also have a single certification to access all spaces.

This credential will facilitate them allowing service people into the building and individual units, so you don’t need to be present for any repairs on your property.


If you’re looking to purchase an apartment unit, it’s essential to ensure the building is equipped with robust security.

The security tools listed in this article are futureproof, modern, and sophisticated and will keep your building secure without costing you daily convenience. Keep a lookout for these security tools when browsing apartment units.