6 Things You Can Do When A Child Leaves For College

6 Things You Can Do When A Child Leaves For College

It’s a bittersweet moment when your child leaves for college. On the one hand, you’re excited to see them embark on this new chapter in their lives.

But on the other hand, you’re feeling a little bit sad that they’re no longer under your roof. Don’t worry—there are plenty of things you can do to keep yourself busy now that your child is gone!

In this blog post, we will discuss six different things you can do when your child leaves for college.

6 Things You Can Do When A Child Leaves For College

1. Give your child a goodbye hug and tell them how much you’ll miss them

One of the hardest things about sending your child off to college is saying goodbye.

Make sure to give your child a big hug and tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Let them know that you’ll miss them but you’re so proud of the person they’ve become.

Also, you can send them off with a care package full of their favorite things to help them feel closer to home.

If you’re feeling really sad, try to focus on all the positive aspects of your child going away to college. They’re embarking on an amazing journey that will teach them so much about themselves and the world.

They’ll make great friends and memories that will last a lifetime. And you’ll always have a place in their heart, no matter how far away they are.

Finally, remember that this is just a phase and it won’t be long until your child is back home again (hopefully not for too long!). 

2. Clean their room and make it look like they never left

Another way to ease the pain of your child leaving for college is to clean their room and make it look like they never left. This can be a therapeutic process for you as well. It will help you feel like you are still taking care of them even though they are not there. 

You can also use this time to go through their things and relocate some if you want to use that space for something else.

In that case, such options as Quick Self Storage, or other storage units, can come in handy to declutter your home. And, it can give you a chance to keep some of your child’s things as memories.

3. Stock the refrigerator with their favorite food items

To make the transition to college life a little easier, stock your child’s dorm room fridge with their favorite snacks and drinks. This way, they’ll have something familiar to munch on when they get homesick or just need a quick pick-me-up.

Some college-bound students may be leaving home for the first time and might not know how to grocery shop or cook for themselves. If this is the case, consider sending them care packages with non-perishable food items or easy-to-make recipes.

Another option is to send a gift card to their favorite restaurant so they can treat themselves to a nice meal when they’re feeling homesick or just need a break from the dining hall food.

4. Write them a letter telling them all the things you’re grateful for

If you’re struggling to find the words to say to your child as they leave for college, try writing them a letter instead. You can pour your heart out onto the page and tell them everything you’re grateful for.

This is a great way to express your emotions and it will be something they can keep and look back on whenever they need some extra encouragement.

You might want to tell them how proud you are of them, how much you’ll miss them, or what an amazing person they are.

Whatever you choose to say, make sure it comes from the heart. They’ll appreciate the effort and it will mean a lot to them.

5. Hang up some of their childhood photos around the house

As your child leaves for college, you might be feeling a mix of emotions. You’re probably excited for them as they start this new chapter in their lives.

But you might also be feeling a little sad and nostalgic as they leave the nest.

One way to help ease those feelings is to hang up some of your child’s childhood photos around the house. Seeing their smiling face every day will help you feel connected to them even when they’re far away.

6. Download an app that will allow you to Facetime or Skype with them often

Lastly, download an app like Facetime or Skype so that you can see your child’s face often and talk to them as if they were in the room with you. It definitely won’t be the same as having them around all the time, but it will help to bridge the gap a little bit.

Following these six pieces of advice will help you to cope when your child leaves for college.

It’s a big adjustment for everyone involved, but it doesn’t have to be a bad one.

Just take things one day at a time and savor the moments you have together. Good luck!