family camping in the forest with mom in hammock and grandpa and dad with kids

Is your family ready to just get away for a few days? Have you chosen what you want to do? Where to go? Have you thought about getting outside and doing a bit of camping?

Family camping trips are a fun way to unplug, explore and connect with nature.

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One of the numerous benefits of camping, especially for families, is because it’s an ideal activity for people of all ages.

In fact, modern parents are not only taking family camping trips with their kids, but they’re also choosing to live full-time on the road in an RV.

The experience exposes everyone to new adventures, places, and a host of different regional cultures.

Benefits of Family Camping Trips + Printable Camping Checklist

Family Camping Trips

Not to mention, one of the best benefits of a camping trip is it’s a great way to encourage family bonding. It’s all about how everyone chooses to see the camping experience.

Another reason why camping makes for a viable family getaway idea is simply affordability. Although there are typically admission fees for parks or other camping charges at a public park, the price is usually very budget-friendly.

Plus, the camping equipment you need can be found at various retailers at affordable prices, both on and off line.

Next, just think about all of the fun camping activities you and your family will have access to while outdoors.

For instance, a large number of campgrounds have onsite swimming pools, lakes, playgrounds, and even hiking and bath paths. Others have planned social activities, petting zoos, archery and much more.

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This means, in addition to simply camping, you can go swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, and much more during your family vacation.

Finally, among the many reasons camping represents a terrific family vacation option is because camping can be done in a variety of different ways.

For example, outdoor camping trips can be short overnights stays or they can be week, or month, long experiences. This means you can easily plan your family camping vacation around your family’s budgets, wants and needs.

Together, the family can determine what kind of camping experience they want to have choosing from a variety of various camping methods.

Do you choose traditional outdoor tents or in an RV (recreational vehicle)?

If you choose an RV, do you drive a motorhome or pull a travel trailer? How big? How small? There are many factors that go into planning the ideal family camping trip to perfectly fit your family’s needs.

Once you’ve picked your method of camping, planned out the road trip, chosen a campground, and gathered supplies, there’s nothing much more to do except enjoy your family trip!

Need a checklist for your family camping trip?

Our free printable camping checklist includes essentials, as well as some extra items, to make preparing for your next family camping trip as stress-free as possible.

free printable camping checklist
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