Download These Apps Before Your Next Road Trip

Download These Apps Before Your Next Road Trip

Colby and I just returned from a 7-day road trip that carried us over 3,200 miles with 4 kids.

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We were driving a 2018 Ford Expedition and towing a 2018 Airstream Tommy Bahama 19CB Travel Trailer.

It was pretty much amazing and, well, I should hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did.

Download These Apps Before Your Next Road Trip

Road Trip Apps

I spent weeks planning the destinations and collaborating with our Ford rep on the details.

Since it was a sponsored partnership, plans needed approval and some things were beyond my control.

Fortunately, I did keep control of some things easily before and during the trip — from my phone.

road trip family fun

I’ve said it over and over again, but I am a huge advocate for technology.

Yes, I cherish the days of my youth when we didn’t have it, but am definitely not up for denying myself the simplicity it brings to my life now. There, I’ve said it (again).

Therefore, as I was planning our road trip, there were date changes made, campgrounds without availability, and other things that required changes in our itinerary.

Roadtrippers was the BEST.THING.EVER.

RoadTrippers route planner

I’ve followed Roadtrippers on social media for quite some time and, as I began planning, remembered the site.

Honestly, I was searching for road trip itineraries, but quickly discovered their Road Trip Route Planner .

You simply input Point A and Point B, then Roadtrippers helps you easily find things to do, places to eat, where to sleep, and even unique roadside attractions and photo spots along your route.

Plus, with the Roadtrippers app, you can pull up your trip on the road and even navigate from one destination to the next. AND, you can share with others.

For example, I shared the full trip itinerary with our rep, as well as each leg of the trip with Colby and the kids. This meant they could also help find things along the way they wanted to see or do.

Shiprock way side in Wisconsin

In addition to Roadtrippers though, there were other apps that made our trip more efficient, as well as more pleasant for everyone in the car.

Let’s talk a little about those:

  • Waze — Not only is Waze a GPS navigation software, but it can also give your real-time traffic conditions, such as accidents, road closures, and even police ahead.
  • GasBuddy — Updated in real-time by other users, GasBuddy lets you search for gas prices by city, state, zip code, or along a route, and can even navigate for you.
  • Spotify — If you don’t have satellite radio, listening to local stations as you’re road-tripping can be a challenge. But, if you like music (as we do), Spotify played via Bluetooth in your vehicle can keep everyone singing along on a long road trip.
  • NOAA Weather Radar — Be prepared for storms, extreme temperatures, and weather warnings while on the road with this weather app. It’s important to stay alert!

These were the main apps we used during the road trip to help us navigate the drive.

Of course, there were several other apps to keep us entertained and in the know, including apps such as:

Y’all, I could keep going, but you get the idea! There are so many great apps out there to help make your road trip everything you want it to be!

From planning to navigation and car maintenance, there are a variety of choices. For example, I hope you’re capturing moments on the road with a camera, right?

Well, my favorite photo editing app is A Color Story. Go ahead and give your photos a fresh look and share your road trip photos with family and friends back home!

What are your must-have road trip apps?