Easy DIY Outdoor Bench for Under $30

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When I talk about not being very creative or crafty, I really mean it. So, we went to Lowe’s one day to pick up a gift card for my dad (who is very handy with wood) and were inspired. By what, the makeshift dividers they had set out front of the store. They were using them to divide up merchandise and even display a few things. Colby took a seat on one and it gave us both an idea. A DIY Outdoor Bench!

DIY Outdoor Bench

DIY Outdoor Bench

We had been looking for a new bench literally for over a year now since our last one finally gave way. We like to have one out in front of the house so we can watch the girls ride their bikes and play with the neighborhood kids. But, without a bench, we just sit in the driveway and watch them play.

make your own bench

Not now! We had an idea and it was seriously going to be the easiest way to make a bench… ever. Just see for yourself:



  1. Line 3 concrete blocks up side by side with openings facing outwards.
  2. Slip 1 landscape timber into each of the top openings of the concrete blocks.
  3. Leave timbers hanging over the concrete block to create 2 side tables.
  4. Done. Seriously. That’s it.

Now, there are ways to “dress it up” a little. We found a bench cushion that fit it perfectly. We also picked up a few pillows to lean on rather the house alone. Plus, we haven’t done it yet, but I think we may grab a piece of plywood to lay across the tip of the timbers. It holds up fine, but we think it may be better for the girls when they go to sit. They forget that there are gaps between the timbers and push the cushion straight through.

DIY bench supplies

But, really, the entire bench cost under $30 to make and the cushions, pillows, etc are all accessories. I am still considering painting the concrete blocks to match our coastal theme, but that is still up in the air. We’ll see what I think later. You never know.

But, isn’t that the easiest DIY Outdoor Bench ever?

Lowe’s had a terrific idea! We should make it a point to stop by there more often. Ha!


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