As I took a look around our house, I realized we needed to begin sprucing up the yard a bit for Spring.

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After all, isn’t this season all about green grass, bright flowers, and cool breezes?

That also means time well spent outdoors… and I want our yard to look nice as we get out and enjoy it more.

Thanks to The Home Depot, we were able to create a fabulously easy Concrete Paver Planter.

DIY Concrete Paver Planter

What is Concrete Art faux concrete plaster?

Concrete Paver Planter

A little inspiration can be just what we need to get moving on a project, right? Did you know that The Home Depot offers Do-It-Herself Workshops?

Therefore, motivated by the concept, Colby and I took the girls to our local store and bought the items we needed to create the same upcoming project on our own.

It is actually quite satisfying to know that YOU can build these easy projects on your own… and end up with a beautiful new piece of decor for your yard.

Concrete Pavement Planter supplies
Supplies: 4 – 2″ x 2″ x 16″ pieces of wood; 4 – 2″ x 2″ x 12″ pieces of wood; 2 – 1″ x 6″ x 12″ cedar fence board; 4 concrete pavers stain; 3″ screws; concrete adhesive

The workshop teaches you how to create planters from simple materials, such as wood and concrete pavers.

Knowing the concrete pavers are heavy, we knew they could withstand the Texas springtime storms.

Around here, that is important. Things have a tendency to fly away.

Just last week, we found our BBQ grill scattered across our backyard. So, the fact that we could make a heavy-duty, stay-put kind of planter was important.

pre-drill holes for screws DIY planter
Pre-drill holes for screws so that wood pieces do not split during assembly.

Next, “simple” was a keyword. Although my dad is a skilled carpenter, I grew up watching him DO more than I was actually able to do hands-on.

I know the basics of wood, screws, stains, nails, and more, but putting it all together is not always my forte.

DIY paver planter drilliing
Countersink 2″ x 2″ pieces with 16″ pieces forming legs and 12″ pieces framing the support between the legs.

Therefore, I was pretty excited about the idea of building this paver for our patio with my dad and my girls.

making a paver planter The Home Depot
Fit cedar planks into the bottom of the frame and drill a pilot hole. Then drill screws into the boards to complete the bottom of the planter.

That’s the cool thing about The Home Depot’s Do-It-Herself Workshops as well.

They are meant to “empower women with the skills and knowledge to take their home improvement project plans from dreams to done.”

concrete adhesive for paver planter
Using concrete adhesive, line the inside of the frame in order to slide concrete pavers into place.

The DIH Workshop is a hands-on workshop that gives you a great opportunity to fine-tune your DIY skills.

Plus, you can gather tips and advice from the pros for all of your home improvement projects.

allow concrete adhesive to dry
Once all 4 sides are set, use a come-along, bungee cord or clamps to secure pieces as they dry.

Building this easy Concrete Paver Planter was a great way to get the girls familiar with tools and to learn about safety.

They may not have handled a drill, yet, but they did observe and learn how to use it properly.

staining concrete pavers
To add an extra layer of color, we decided to stain the concrete pavers as well.

Me? I was able to help with the screws and supervise the staining the girls did. I have been given that task plenty of times so it was their turn to give it a try.

They did well… and, most importantly, had fun doing it.

DIY paver planter from The Home Depot
Add landscape fabric to the bottom of the paver and add planting soil.

The Home Depot wants everyone to have the skills and confidence to be a first-class do-it-yourselfer.

These in-store workshops give you step-by-step instructions, as well as a hands-on experience so that you can learn to do simple décor and easy home improvements.

On your own. Without any help.

See? Empowering.

filling planters for Texas spring
Arrange flowers or plants as you wish, water and display proudly!

The finished project looks great on our patio and the girls picked a terrific plant that added just the right element of color.

Easy DIY Concrete Paver Planter The Home Depot

So clear your calendar and grab your girlfriends the third Thursday of each month for The Home Depot’s DIH Workshop. 

Learn more and register online today to attend this month’s workshop.