6 Things to Know Before Renting an RV

Are you planning a family road trip? Did you know that road-tripping in an RV could save you up to 60% on travel costs?

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Renting an RV

Plus, you don’t even have to own an RV in order to vacation in one. In the same way, you can rent a house through sites such as Airbnb, you can rent an RV through sites like Outdoorsy or RVShare.

Of course, if you’re new to renting an RV or an old pro, here are a few things to know before you go.

Where are you going?

One of the great advantages of renting an RV is that the possibilities for where you can go are wide open.

Roadtrippers offers a terrific, user-friendly interactive map great for planning. Knowing your destination helps to pick the best RV camper for your trip, as well as search for available rentals in the area.

Who is going with you?

RV trailers can come in a variety of sizes. You can find campers for one person for an incredible solo trip, or rent one that sleeps 10 for the ultimate family trip.

Gather the troops, or plan your private getaway, and then browse the trailer rental listings to find the one that best suits your needs.

6 Things to Know Before Renting an RV

What services are available where you’re going?

RV campgrounds can offer services that range from primitive sites designed for dry camping to full hook-ups with electric, water, and satellite.

Or, you can go for a full-on RV camping experience and boondock.

Once you decide what type of hook-ups will be available, you’ll have a better idea of which type of RV you should rent.

What are your RV must-haves?

Now that you know the type of camping hook-ups available to you, what are your must-haves inside the camper? Are you comfortable with beds, kitchen, and bathroom?

Or, do you want a luxurious trailer for more of a glamping experience?

RVs come in many shapes, sizes, and interior builds. Decide on your must-haves before looking to rent an RV.

Which type of RV should you rent?

You’ve already chosen a destination, you know what hook-ups are available to you, how big your group is, and have your list of must-haves, now it’s time to decide on which type of trailer you should rent.

  • Travel Trailer: Perhaps the most recognized recreational vehicle, the travel trailer is designed to be towed by a bumper hitch or a frame hitch. You will need a vehicle able to tow the trailer or look for rentals that offer a delivery/pick-up service to your destination.
  • Pop-Up Trailer: Also designed to be towed, pop-ups are lightweight and more aerodynamic making them towable by almost every type of vehicle. Even though they’re compact, they can still include a refrigerator, sink, air conditioning, and even bathrooms.
  • Expandables: When you combine a travel trailer with a pop-up you get an Expandable. This type of towable travel trailer has expandable tent ends and can still have slide-outs, kitchens, and bathrooms.
  • Fifth Wheel: The largest of the towable travel trailer classes, a Fifth Wheel requires a large pick-up truck with a special fifth wheel hitch for towing. This type of hitch can also make for easier towing for some.
  • Toy Hauler: If you have a need to bring any big toys, such as snowmobiles, ATV’s, four-wheelers, golf carts, or motorcycles, then you should consider a Toy Hauler. They have a large cargo garage in the rear of the RV to hold your toys!
  • Class C Motorhome: Usually built on a truck chassis, Class Cs are perfect for small families/groups who want to travel comfortably in an RV while on the road. Don’t worry, the sofa and chairs are typically equipped with seat belts.
  • Class A Motorhome: If you want luxury on wheels, Class A is the way to go! These motorhomes resemble buses and are often fully equipped with all the comforts of home. For the best in mobile glamping, the Class A Motorhome might be your best bet!
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Where are you renting from?

You should now have everything you need to choose the perfect RV travel trailer for your road trip. The only decision to make now is where will you rent from?

Both Outdoorsy and RVShare have a variety of RV rental listings available in all class categories, and to fit any budget.

What’s next?

Start packing! Have a great time and enjoy your trip.