4 Activities to Teach Kids About Easter

We have never been the type to focus on the Easter bunny. Therefore, finding ways to teach our kids about Easter can be challenging when walking down the commercialized store aisles. I want them to understand why we, as a Christian family, celebrate Easter.

Therefore, I found fun Easter activities for kids to help teach them about the holiday in a fun, kid-friendly way.

4 Activities to Teach Kids About Easter

Teach Kids About Easter

Yes, I do understand that we all may celebrate Easter for different reasons or in various ways, but this is the way we choose to celebrate.

If you believe the same way, you might find these Easter activities for kids helpful in teaching your own children.

Resurrection Rolls

This recipe symbolizes both the burial and resurrection of Jesus. Give each child a triangle of crescent roll dough to represent the tomb.

Next, take a marshmallow to represent the body of Christ. Dip it in butter and roll it in a cinnamon/sugar mix. This signifies the oils and spices used for anointing at His burial.

Lay the marshmallow into the dough and wrap it around. Pinch all of the seams together and bake according to directions on packaging. Cool and then serve.

Upon breaking open the tomb you should find Christ’s body is gone. He is risen!

Resurrection Eggs

Take 12 plastic eggs and fill them with symbols of the Holy Week.

Song of My Heart has a great doc with all of the Scriptures and symbols needed for the activity. She even suggests ways to present them to your kids and the recommended times to do so.

Jelly Bean Prayer

Lead the kids through the Jelly Bean Prayer. Fill a jar with jelly beans and then attach the poem I linked using a ribbon.

The colors of the jelly beans, in correlation with the prayer, help to explain the Gospel story of Easter to kids. Plus, it makes a tasty gift on Easter morning!

Easter Scavenger Hunt

Send your children on a fun Easter scavenger hunt. Instruct them to find items that symbolize different parts of the Easter story. Examples:

  • A rock (the tomb)
  • two sticks (the Cross)
  • something black (sin)
  • something red (blood)
  • something white (a clean heart)
  • something green (growing in Christ)

Older children can go on a digital scavenger hunt, taking photographs of items that remind them of Easter.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, Happy Easter!