Easy Chocolate Surprise Eggs

Easy Chocolate Surprise Eggs Perfect for Easter

If your children are like mine, they have probably watched a “surprise egg” video or two.

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I don’t know that I completely understand the phenomenon, but it is real nonetheless.

Therefore, as we began thinking about our family Easter plans, we decided to try our own twist on the surprise egg.

Easy Chocolate Surprise Eggs

Easy Chocolate Eggs

Easter has always been synonymous with chocolate and candy in our home. We are creatures of habit when it comes to our holiday family traditions.

For Easter, we attend the first service at church and then head home to start cooking and preparing for the family meal.

Typically, we have warm weather here in Texas for Easter, but there have also been those years when Easter was spent hunting for eggs indoors and watching a holiday movie.

Honestly, though, the kids are all getting too big for traditional Easter egg hunts. Joeli is the youngest and she is 8 ½.

So, perhaps that was part of the reason we began looking at different ideas this year. New family Easter traditions, I guess. As the kids grow it seems to happen that way.

Although it can be hard transitioning sometimes, there are other times when it’s a good thing. Personally, I think leaving the egg hunts behind – at least until grandkids start coming – is one of the easier traditions to ease out of.

opening chocolate surprise egg

But, just because we don’t hunt eggs for Easter, that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with eggs – and chocolate! After all, chocolate is pretty much timeless!

This is where the surprise eggs come into play.

Chocolate surprise eggs!

Now, there are basically two ways to go about making your homemade chocolate surprise eggs for Easter.

The first way is to buy the chocolate and the egg m old, then temper your chocolate, and then prepare it for the egg mold. Wait for it to harden, then fill it with candy or other treats.

Or, because as our tagline states, you could keep it real simple.

Buy a large, hollow chocolate egg, cut it in half, and add your own treats to the inside. Due to the fact that melted chocolate and I don’t always work well together, that is typically the route we go. There’s no shame in it either!

What are your family’s Easter traditions?

Whether your family hunts eggs for Easter, attends church, bakes, or watches movies together, the important part is simply the quality time spent as a family. 

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