5 Reasons Why Moving Can Be Stressful

Moving is intensely emotional, including fear and anxiety. It causes physical and mental stress.

Finding it difficult to relax, getting easily triggered and overwhelmed, feeling unproductive and depressed, wanting to avoid people, poor focus, negative thinking, constant worrying, forgetfulness, and lack of organization are signs of moving stress.

This article outlines five reasons why moving can be stressful.

man making a checklist to help move go smoother
  1. Getting the new house ready for moving in

A lot goes into preparing your new house for the move, which can be challenging and stressful. Creating a checklist and sticking to it can help ease the stress.

The checklist may include transferring or canceling your utilities to ensure they’re in order by the time you shift. This may involve all the relevant utility companies notifying them of your moving plan and decision to cancel or transfer services.

You should also ensure the new environment is safe for your children and pets. Develop an unpacking plan and set up connectivity and utility in readiness for the move-in date.

Find necessary functions in the new house, including circuit breaker, water valve, and fuse box. Put up a security system in place, including installing a smart doorbell and cameras or motion detectors.

Change your address for effective communication with key stakeholders. Deep clean the house when empty so you can reach every nook and cranny. A professional cleaning company like Highland Park HouseKeeping Cleaners can help.

  1. The change

Shifting to a new city and home, meeting new people, and being in a new environment are changes that come with moving. When you move to a new place, you’ll need to look for another family doctor, forget the suppliers and shops you were used to, and more.

If you have kids, you’ll have to search for new childcare suppliers, schools, and clubs within the new area. This can be overwhelming and emotionally stressful. Accepting and embracing this change can help ease the stress, helping you enjoy the new place.

  1. Financial challenges

Moving involves many financial challenges, which contribute to making the process stressful.

If you’re selling the old house, you must do the necessary repairs before listing it. If you’re buying your new house using credit, you must pay for a home appraisal. If a real estate agent is helping you sell your old property, their fees should be paid.

You must also purchase moving supplies and hire a moving company to help. Your new house may need new décor and furniture. Early preparations can help ease the financial stress associated with moving.

  1. Packing your items

Packing everything you’ve accumulated over time in preparation for the moving date can be challenging. However, decluttering to eliminate junk and creating a packing checklist can help make things easier, relieving stress. Hiring a moving company can help as well.

  1. Finding the right moving company

Considering the many moving companies available today, finding a reliable one can be stressful. You want to ensure that you won’t be scammed in the process.

Getting referrals, checking with the Better Business Bureau, getting written estimates, and verifying the mover address can help you find a reputable company. The right moving company should be insured and licensed and have professional accreditation.


Moving can be emotionally, mentally, and physically challenging. However, early preparation can help ensure a seamless and stress-free moving experience.