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Encourage Family Fun with JOOLA Rally TL 300 Table Tennis

Like many of you may have, we’ve spent a lot of time at home over the past few months. Nine of us. At home. Looking for ways to stay entertained.

Jaden, our 16 year old, had already been asking for a ping pong table since last Christmas. Over the course of the pandemic, her requests became louder.

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We even took a socially distanced getaway at one point and the one thing the kids asked for was a ping pong table in our cabin. 

So, we rented a mountain cabin with a ping pong table. And we played a lot of table tennis over those few days. 

surprise with a ping pong table

In fact, did you know, when it comes to pandemic pastime, JOOLA’s Ping Pong products lead the market in:

  • Helping you stay active: Ping pong players burn between 200-500 calories an hour.
  • Destressing: Helps you conquer stress and tension in the span of just 21 points (or even 11).
  • Bringing healthy competition between family members: Get the kids off their iPads and onto their feet.
  • Alleviating boredom and brain fog: CNBC reports renowned psychiatrist and brain disorder specialist Dr. Daniel Amen calls ping pong one of the “world’s best brain games.”
  • Enjoying indoor or outdoor fun: Play a game out on the patio or host a heated competition in the game room.

When our new JOOLA Rally TL 300 table arrived, we couldn’t wait to surprise Jaden with it! 

We enlisted the help of our other kids to help us get it set up and ready before Jaden came home from a drive. 

When she returned, she was surprised and thrilled by the new ping pong table in our game room. Mission accomplished!

JOOLA Rally TL 300 table

The JOOLA Rally TL 300 table features:

  • A built-in ball holders on each corner, each of which can store up to 3 balls
  • A magnetic abacus style scoreboard for each end of the table 
  • 15mm (5/8in) charcoal painted MDF surface
  • Solo playback mode compatible
  • High-quality net and post set included
  • Automatic folding legs with leg levelers
  • Trolley system of 4 locking casters under each half
  • Dual safety locking devices to ensure safety when the table is in both playing and storage positions

Not to mention, because the tennis table comes 95% assembled, it only took us about 20 minutes to get it ready for game play. 

JOOLA Blizzard & Blackout Ping Pong Racket Set

Speaking of play, the JOOLA Blizzard & Blackout Ping Pong Racket Set truly makes us feel like pros! 

The Blizzard (white) and Blackout (black) paddles feature ergonomic flared grip handles that create enhanced performance, speed, and spin.

Joola ping pong table for families

The accompanying (1) black and (1) white ping pong balls help tie the whole set together for game time. 

Our table tennis matches have become a daily event. We have family competitions and enjoy the family bonding time.

table tennis champion medal

The “Champion Medallion,” included with the JOOLA Blizzard & Blackout Ping Pong Racket Set is the most sought after award of the house.

We won’t mention the current holder, because I’m sure it will switch hands tonight!

Order your JOOLA Rally TL 300 table and let the competition begin at your house! Not only is it a great way to get up and moving, but it makes for fun family time too!

Encourage Family Fun with JOOLA Rally TL 300 Table Tennis
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