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Doc McStuffins Themed Crafts and Food

Do you have any Disney Junior fans in your home? We have three. In fact, our 4 year old, Joeli, (who has a speech disorder) frequently asks for “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.”

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When we went to Disneyland a few months ago, she could not get enough of “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.”

If it’s Disney, that is typically what she calls it. Her next 2 favorites on Disney Junior would be Doc McStuffins and Jake. We have been known to search high and low for “gold doubloons.”

Doc McStuffins party foods and crafts

Doc McStuffins

Considering how much she and her sisters enjoy Doc McStuffins , we decided to have a party centered around the Doc and Lambie.

We really tried to have a little fun with the theme. I mean, it wasn’t hard! It’s Disney Junior after all. Everything about it is fun!

Disney Jr party bags

Finding Disney Junior-themed treats for our guests was also not a difficult task.

I had to keep the girls controlled or else we would be sending their friends home with large tots-size bags of fun.

Our party budget was already busting at the seams but we wanted to get everything. Alas, I had the girls pick their favorites and we went from there.

packing Doc McStuffins party bags

Packing the fabulous Doc McStuffins doctor bag was actually exciting for the girls. They could not wait to show their friends all the cool stuff they had for them.

I love knowing they get a lot of delight out of giving. That makes it so much better for me, personally. Being able to give.

And hopefully, the guests have as much with their treats as we did putting them together. I have no doubt.

Disney Junior party placemats

Setting up our clinic stations was also a great idea my 10-year-old daughter, Jaden, decided on.

There was a waiting area, craft table, and food bar. All laid out over pink tablecloths while waiting for the guests to arrive we set everything out in each area.

Pre-cut craft pieces, glue, supplies, and as many snacks as we could think of to accompany our party finger foods.

(This picture displays what was left due to the fact that I forgot to grab a shot before the kids arrived. Oops! At least they left me something!)

Doc McStuffins party crafts

We tried to have a little fun with the food. Jaden and Jaci helped me brainstorm fun ways to imitate a doctor’s area with food.

Therefore, we had a different selection of snack foods than normal, but that kids love them nonetheless.

For instance, every doctor uses cotton balls, right? Our first thought? Big fluffy marshmallows! Yum!

marshmallow cotton balls

Jaden decided graham crackers would make the perfect side to the marshmallows… as well as serve as band-aids for our little doctors.

And next to them, well, Colby’s attempt at thermometers. (Everyone was so willing to help).

White chocolate dipped pretzels. They were delicious!

Bonus? If you have a steady hand to draw the lines of a thermometer on the pretzels… PERFECT! We simply did not. Boo.

band-aids and thermometers

Of course, we needed a plan for those diagnoses that cuddles alone couldn’t fix, so we made sure to set out medicine cups.

You never know when a guest might need a little “candy” pick me up.

Doc McStuffins medicine

And every good doctor hands out lollipops to their patients after a visit, right?

Lambie made sure to give each guest one after they finished their visit to the doctor’s area.

Lambie lollipops

Considering the patients may have had to get a few shots or give a little blood to the doctor for a diagnosis, we may sure to have, well… Fruit Punch on hand to replenish what they may have lost. Ha!

We also included a cold, frothy drink to keep us cool as we partied: Raspberry Lemonade Ice Cream Floats!

For party day we called it, Lambie Lemonade. Delicious and perfect for a warm day!

Doc McStuffins punch

While the kids were waiting, they not only had the great Disney Junior place mats to keep them entertained, but they could also work on a couple of crafts.

First, every little doctor needs a stethoscope.

We pre-cut cardboard (using empty cereal boxes) circles, matching white paper circles, and ribbon to use to construct our doctor’s tool.

stethoscope craft

Next, we picked up inexpensive packages of headbands, glue sticks, and small glitter hearts and had all we needed.

Simply glue the white circle to the cardboard circle. Put your glitter heart in the middle. Tie the ribbon to the headband.

Doc McStuffins headband ribbon

Glue the ribbon to the back of your finished chest piece.

That’s it! You are ready to listen to your patients’ hearts!

stethoscope Lambie

Upon looking over your patient, you are typically ready to look in your Big Book of Boo Boos to help make a diagnosis.

So, we made one of those too! Again, super easy for the kids to do without much supervision.

Book of Boo Boos craft glue step

We pre-cut purple squares that, again, I pre-measured using the small composition books we found.

A few red hearts (I couldn’t find the shade of pink I liked) and this craft was ready to go.

Pink foam glitter hearts were our first choice for this craft, but it seemed all of our local stores were out.

Much easier than cutting out 25+ hearts though if you can find them!

Book of Boo Boos heart

Simply take a composition book, glue the purple construction paper to the outside, and stick the heart in the middle.

Done and ready to diagnose.

oc McStuffin Book of Boo Boos

Oh! Before the party, we did do one more super quick and easy craft.

Jaci wanted a headband just like Doc McStuffins. We found a wide purple headband and pink tulle flower embellishments at the craft store.

Then we very easily adhered the flower to the headband and Voila!

headband flower craft

A Doc McStuffin headband! She loved it!

Doc McStuffin headband craft

Whew! The rest of the party was spent talking, laughing, eating, and dancing to the Disney Junior DJ Shuffle.

Songs that included:

  • Swamp Stomp (Jake and The Neverland Pirates)
  • Time for Your Check Up (Doc McStuffins)
  • Hot Dog! (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
  • Choo Choo Boogie  (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
  • Heromonsters Woohoo! (Henry Hugglemonster)
  • DJ Shuffle (Parry Grip)
  • And so many more!

I do believe the girls and their guests had a fabulous time.

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