Draw and Cut DIY Scrunchie Tag using Cricut Maker

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Are you children determined? Mine definitely are. Of course, some more than others; but passionate just the same. And once their minds are set, there’s really

no stopping them.

Jaden on stage

And I truly mean that in the best way! It’s inspiring to see each of them strive for big things and to shoot for the stars anytime they set out do something.

Our middle middle is one of our most passionate.

I often believe Shakespeare wrote, “Though she be but little she is fierce,” with Jaden in mind.

Yes, I know. But still.

She is our most petite child, but when it comes to aiming for the moon, she’ll do whatever it takes to make it.

NYC Mission Trip

Most recently, she is determined to go on a mission trip with her youth group this summer.

Therefore, she is also very much set on raising as much of the money on her own) as she can.

You honestly can’t fault her for that. Again, all the passion in the world.

So, my job as mom, is to help however I can. And, in this case, she really just needed one thing from me to kickstart her efforts:

DIY Scrunchie Tag

Yep. She loves to sew and has decided to make handmade scrunchie sets to sell.

She felt the tags would make them look more professional and she simply liked the idea of having them.

DIY scrunchie tags using Cricut

For me, it took just a small snippet of my day to do in Cricut Design Space and the Cricut Maker  did most of the work after that.

She (and Jaci) put in most of the hard work cutting and sewing the scrunchies together!

I started with a label image in Cricut Design Space that I could easily stretch and manipulate to hold each set of three scrunchies.

Next, we wanted a simple font design to run across the top of the label. Therefore, we chose Adorn Garland for her chosen business name and Stilts for her name.

cricut maker scrunchie cut

A dashed line to represent stitches along each side of her name and we were done.

We then loaded a piece of Cricut Kraft board (we needed a stiff product to hold the elastic weight of the scrunchies) onto a LightGrip Machine Mat and fed it through the Cricut Maker.

Cricut Maker scrunchie holder

Considering the Maker can both write and cut, all I had to do was remove the pieces from the mat and slip them through the scrunchies.

Cricut Maker scrunchie tag

The sets were now ready for photographing and marketing… and her scrunchie sets can now be found here!