wooden signs for RV

Cricut-Made RV Accessories to Make Your Camper Feel Like Home

RV trailers have evolved over the years to more than just your run of them mill vacation house on wheels. In fact, many campers now call their travel trailers home.

With your Circut, there are so many great ways to personalize, and even organize, your trailer. Putting your personal touch on your RV with custom accessories, designed and made by you with Circut, can truly help make your camper feel more like home.

Whether living in it full-time or simply camping on the weekends, there’s no reason you can’t give it a more homey look and feel.

Cricut-Made RV Accessories to Make Your Camper Feel Like Home

Make Your Camper Feel Like Home

If you’ve ever been camping, you know that the number one thing that gets brought into your trailer is mud and dirt.

After all, camping is about getting out and enjoying the outdoors. But, one way to stop (some of) the dirt from trekking in starts with a good welcome mat.

And, that welcome mat doesn’t have to mundane or boring. Personalize it and welcome your fellow campers in with a personalized message!

Big Bertha welcome mat

Personalized Welcome Mat

We chose to name our travel trailer, more on that below, so deciding on a design for the welcome mat was easy. We went with a simple, “hi,” and then a friendly welcome.



After measuring your blank mat, use Cricut Design Space to come up with your design. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.

For this project, I read several tutorials that said Circut Vinyl, rather than stencil, was the best material to use based on the texture of my mat, so I gave it a try.

I cut out my design, stretched the vinyl stencil across the mat, and then used a heavy duty tape to hold it in place.

PLUS, I (very gently) ran the Cricut EasyPress 2 over the vinyl to temporarily adhere it to the mat for painting. (This is why I used the vinyl as other tutorials had suggested).

cricut vinyl personalized welcome mat stencil

Then, with a fine paint brush (because I wasn’t sure about the paint bleeding under the stencil), I began painting the design onto my mat.

I let it dry overnight and then used a spray sealer to protect the painted design. Once dry, I placed it in the doorway of our trailer and it was PERFECT!

Wooden Signs

Remember the mention above about naming our trailer? When we bought our travel trailer, we wanted to honor my mom with it. She initially instilled the love of road trips in me, and I passed that to my children.

After losing my mom in 2017, we wanted to be able to bring her along when we traveled, so we named our RV trailer after her: Big Bertha.

Our trailer is also 34 feet long. So the name seemed to fit!

Therefore, along with the welcome mat, we wanted a way to show off the name of our trailer. When you step in, you’re immediately shown a large wooden sign with the name on it in pure white with a bold black background.

Big Bertha wooden sign

It’s one of my favorite pieces ever!



Before getting started, paint your piece of measured and cut wood. We cut the sign to hang just inside our door, so it was custom fit for the area.

large wooden sign design with Cricut stencil vinyl

As the paint dries, you can design your sign in Cricut Design Space. I usually begin with a font (such as Merlot) and pull and stretch to fit my space.

painting wooden sign using Cricut Stencil Vinyl

Cut your finished design using Cricut Stencil Vinyl and then place on your (dry) piece of wood. Hold it in place with the Transfer Tape.


There are two ways to help stop the paint from bleeding under the stencil. First, you can use Modge Podge to seal stencil. Brush it on and let it dry. Then stencil. I prefer to use the same paint as the background. Paint the stencil, let it dry, then paint with your foreground color.

Once it dries, it’s ready to hang! (We used screws to hang the sign in the trailer to ensure it wouldn’t budge going down the road).

DIY fresh brewed coffee sign

I also made a smaller sign for our coffee bar using Cricut Premium Vinyl instead of painting the design on.

I designed the layout, cut it out, and then used Stencil Vinyl to align and place it.

cricut vinyl fresh brewed coffee wooden sign

(I didn’t have Cricut Transfer Tape on hand at the time so this was my next best option).

I then used heavy duty Command Strips to hold it in place and so far it’s worked perfectly!

rv trailer storage labels cricut vinyl

Storage Tote Labels

If you’ve ever camped in a RV travel trailer, you know that storage space is a hot commodity. In our particular trailer, because of our large bunkhouse, we really only have the space under our front bedroom for storage.

For me, this means it needs to be neat and organized. Besides, when you’re pulling up to a campsite after a long drive, or in the dark of night, it helps to have everything easily accessible.

This means we keep everything in large totes that are neatly labeled for quick grab-and-go access.

RV essentials such as hoses, tools, cords, leveling blocks and more can get easily tangled and broken during transport. A good organization system helps.

Due to the elements and wear-and-tear of the totes, I decided to go with a more durable labeling system than I originally wanted.

(Cricut Joy Smart Label™ Writable Vinyl was my first choice, but then I realized the ink would run quickly the first time we had to pull the totes out in rain. So, I’m saving it for a labeling system inside).



Decide on what you’ll store inside each tote. We had 4 totes that would be holding our clean water hose, black water hose, tools, and electrical supplies.

I chose the same serif font I used on other designs inside the trailer for a cohesive look because my husband didn’t care and it made me happy.

cricut permanent vinyl storage labels

The labels took little time to design, cut (don’t mirror adhesive vinyl), and apply to the totes.

Fill them with your supplies and slide back into place. Done!


Custom travel coffee mugs! The new Cricut Mug Press™ makes it look easy!

Ready to travel!

With everything firmly in place, neatly organized, and looking more like home, you’re ready to travel!