Giving Your Bedroom A Fresh Update For The New Year

Well, 2020 has been a bit of a year, hasn’t it? Not one that we all would have chosen and one that most of us probably are not sad to see the back of.

For that reason, many people are thinking about giving their home, or at least some parts of it, a new lease of life for 2021. After all, new year, new beginnings, right?

Giving Your Bedroom A Fresh Update For The New Year

Giving Your Bedroom A Fresh Update

If you want to give your bedroom a fresh update for the new year, read on.

We share some simple tips and tricks that will bring you sleep space into 2021 without costing you an arm and a leg.

Upgrade your furniture

This depends wholly on your budget. Of course, it would be lovely to replace the whole lot of your bedroom furniture, thinking very carefully about your storage solutions and making the very most out of the space that you have. If this is something you can do, you can see more here.

Of course, an entire bedroom suite may be out of your budget, but you may be able to change the style of your bed, replace your dressing table or bring in that fancy chaise lounge you have always dreamed of.

Buy new sheets

This is so easy and a reasonably budget-friendly way of making your bedroom not only look different but feel better as well.

Who doesn’t love the feeling of soft, new bedding? Opt for high-quality soft jersey cotton fabrics to transform your sleep and give you a comfortable place to sleep.

Buy something that ties in with your bedroom’s colors or neutral color and matches your comforter and curtains or blinds for a new look on a budget. 

 Look at the lighting 

Lighting is a key element of a room, even though it is something that many of us overlook. Changing your lights or adding to them is a simple way to brighten up, refresh a room, and turn it from dull and dreary to dramatic.

Do not fall into the trap of sticking to overhead lights only – aim for a combination of overhead lighting – preferably with a dimmer switch to adjust it accordingly.

Then add in accent lamps in the form of table or floor lamps and add in task-specific lights, such as reading lamps.

Add in some art

Blank walls can be less than exciting, but a new piece of artwork can bring a whole new look to a room and add visual interest.

Start up your own art collection in your room – use prints, posters, photos, and sculptures.

Don’t limit yourself to space on the wall either – prop up pictures against the wall or on an easel or find other interesting ways to display things that catch your eye.

Keep it tidy

Prioritizing organization and tidiness can make a massive difference to a room. You do not need to go all out Marie Kondo, but a few attractive boxes and baskets can not only give you valuable storage space but bring a pop of color and texture to a shelf.

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