Headed Back to School at Monsters University

Disclosure: I will be provided with a trip to Los Angeles for the Monsters University Premiere in return for my honest review of the event. All expenses will be paid by Disney and no other compensation given. Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own.

I remember studying for exams, pulling all-nighters, and doing my best to elaborate on papers when I had no clue what to write.

That was the epitome of my high school days. Then came the time to start applying for colleges. Looking at college after college, university after university.

And this was before the internet! You can only imagine the research involved.

Today? I can hop on the internet and find the perfect school for me. In fact, the choice is simple: Monsters University.

Monsters University

Monsters University

That’s right! I am headed back to school in a couple of weeks. I and 24 other bloggers have been accepted into Monsters University and I am thrilled to get back into school.

Well, at least into this one.

Mike Wazowski

We will be foregoing the dorms for the time being and staying at the luxurious Sheraton Universal Hotel.

Known as the “Hotel of the Stars,” it should make for some great stories when I sit down to write home about the event.

I know I am in good hands with our Resident Advisors. They know how to keep us all organized and together.


Speaking of together, I hope I do not have to pledge to a new sorority. I know a handful of my classmates as we are old pre-college friends.

But, I am also looking forward to meeting new students at the university and getting to know them as well.

By the end of our Monsters University days we should all be great friends.


I think perhaps, that I am most looking forward to the Tailgate Party we are going to attend on Hollywood Blvd.

I mean, these are the types of things that university life is made of, right? Hanging out in Hollywood with some of my closest friends — cheering for the home team and proudly sporting our school colors: Royal Blue and White. (which, coincidentally, were also my high school colors)

Go, Team!

After a night of partying, oh, and watching a little movie premiere with the same title as the school (Monsters University), I will be back in my room studying up for more.

Mike Wazowski scaring

Ok, so maybe I will be sleeping! But only because we have several more amazing activities on our class schedule.

Fun, new exciting things that are for the students’ eyes only.


But wait! There is a take-home test you can help me with! All you need to do is practice a bit and you can get your very own school ID.

Monsters U ID

Looks like we are going to have a ton of classes to fit in during our short stay in LA.

Let’s hope we can get it all done… and I can properly come back and teach all of you.

Wonder what I will get my degree in? Hmmm…