Baby Shower Ideas :: Games, Printables and Food

The youngest child in our family is Joeli. My brother and sister both stopped having kids well before we did, so their youngest are both twice Joeli’s age.

Joeli will be 8 in September. I have had absolutely no access to a baby in what seems like forever.

Therefore, with our homeschool tutor pregnant and due in weeks, we are crazy excited about having a baby to hold every once in a while.

Plus, since Chey will be the baby’s godmother, we hope to stay involved.

Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Ideas

This also meant that we were thrilled to host the baby shower at our house a couple weeks ago.

Not only did it give us the opportunity to show off our new house (because, c’mon, we’re still in that stage), but it also allowed us to prepare to begin spoiling this baby!

Colby and I took the gender reveal photos, have the mom-to-be in our home 4 days a week, and have known her for years.

This part just seemed right as we continued to help pour into this new baby’s life. After all, the miracle of life is something I’ve always enjoyed celebrating.

watermelon carved baby

Chey oversaw the planning of the baby shower and we all had a job to do.

Coming from an even larger family than ours, the mom-to-be made sure to put her family to work too.

And, boy, was this an incredible collaborative job well done!

We had a host of family and friends over to enjoy baby shower games, delicious food, and a fabulous time of fellowship.

baby shower welcome table

With the initial invitation, we asked guests to consider purchasing two things for the baby: a book and a package of diapers and/or wipes.

The books were to fill her bookshelf with a collection of bedtime stories for Mom and Dad to read to her over the years.

The diapers and wipes to help ease the transition into parenting for the first-time parents‘ pocketbook.

The Price is Right, Baby Edition
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Plus, for every package of diapers or wipes the guests brought, they received a ticket for a prize raffle at the end of the shower.

It ended up bringing in a host of diapers… and 5 lucky winners walked away with some pretty amazing prizes!

In addition to the raffle, guests also earned tickets by winning a game.

Pink & Gold Baby Shower Games
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First, we played the “How big do you think mommy’s belly is?” game, followed by a very competitive game of The Price is Right, Baby Edition.

Rice Krispie treats and chocolate covered pretzel rods

Luckily, we had an array of tasty treats to bring everyone back together as the parents-to-be unwrapped all of the gifts.

From a watermelon baby to pink Rice Krispie treats and chocolate-covered pretzel rods.

finger sandwiches

Homemade cupcakes with cream cheese icing, finger sandwiches, and frozen sherbet punch helped round out the spread across the table.

DIY baby headband station

In the front room, we had a headband station so that guests could create their own adorable accessory to adorn the baby’s head throughout her first year of life.

make yourself the addressee
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Before leaving, we asked the guests to address an envelope to make things easier on the new mom…

Printable Baby Predictions and Advice
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and to leave a bit of advice for the young parents.

ready to pop baby shower popcorn
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And to thank them for coming, each party attendee left with a bag full of “ready to pop” popcorn favors.

We simply wanted to be able to say “thank you” in some small way for coming out.

tea party themed baby shower

The pink, white and gold tea party themed baby shower went off without a hitch after a few weeks of planning.

It all came together nicely and now we simply get to count down the days until the baby girl makes her appearance.