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Spending Time with Family Celebrating Life

Disclosure: Thanks to our friends at Coca-Cola for the opportunity to SIP.SMILE.CELEBRATE with Gold Peak Tea!

Our birthday season begins in June. And, due to our large family size, we literally have at least one birthday every month from June to December. There are no birthdays the first half of the year among the eight of us. And September? September is when so many family celebrations take place for us.

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Spending Time with Family

For starters, my birthday is 2 days before the month. Then, we have three more birthdays to celebrate in the actual month of September. As well as our wedding anniversary. It’s a good thing we love spending time with family as much as we do, because we get together for every special day and enjoy the quality time. You can imagine that we have to look for ways to celebrate each one in it’s own way though, right?

birthday celebration at Carl's Jr with Gold Peak Tea

Colby and I sat down for a quiet lunch, just he and I, and enjoyed interrupted conversation over a glass of cold Gold Peak® Tea. For our angel’s birthday in September, we do an annual balloon release. Then, we have each of our “bookends” whose birthdays are 12 days apart, sandwiching our anniversary between the two. Although we celebrate each day on its own, we also enjoy getting all of us together for one big celebratory meal. Just our family. No one else. Everyone else got to attend the actual birthday event.

Gold Peak Tea at Carl's Jr

This past weekend, after all of the independent birthday celebrations were done, we went to Carl’s Jr. for a fun meal with the kids. After all, it’s all about spending quality time with each other in our family. We’re incredibly close and it’s what we enjoy most. At Carl’s Jr, we were able to order our favorite charbroiled burger or chicken… and a tall glass of Gold Peak Tea. With the addition of a few party supplies, we were able to have a family celebration there in the middle of the restaurant. We brought that feeling of home with us… without the stress of having to clean the house!

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Honestly, anywhere my family is, that’s home to me. Add in a good tall glass of Gold Peak Tea and a hearty meal, and I can hang out and stick around for a while. We can talk, enjoy each other’s company, and good food that we don’t have to cook. There’s an element of comfort found in those moments. I enjoy those feelings of home. The simple, authentic, happy times spent with my family.

What brings that feeling home for you?

Find out more about what home means to Gold Peak® Tea and find a location near you to enjoy a glass.

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