tips for adding a teen driver to car insurance

Tips for Saving when Adding a Teen Driver to Car Insurance

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. All opinions are 100% mine.

Nationwide provided me with information regarding its Nationwide Learning Center article. With two children already driving, Colby and I have already walked through adding a teen driver to a car insurance policy a time or two.

We have one more teen quickly on their heels, and then two more after her. Needless to say, this is a topic we have educated ourselves in well.

Nationwide insurance teen drivers

Adding a Teen Driver to Car Insurance

Fortunately for us, Colby’s last corporate job was in the auto insurance industry. This definitely gives us an advantage when it comes to understanding insurance policies and possible discounts for teen drivers.

Plus, Nationwide provides more information for Adding a Teen Driver to Car Insurance to further help answer all of our questions. After all, the earlier in the process you begin to educate yourself, the better.

It is possible to get a good deal on teen car insurance with these tips from Nationwide:

  • Bundle home and auto policies — By protecting all of your property with one company, you can not only save but you can simplify things for yourself as well.
  • Good Student Discount — Nationwide offers a good student discount on auto insurance for young drivers 16 to 24 who are full-time students and maintain a minimum B average.
  • Choose the right car — Ask your agent about insurance premiums before selecting a vehicle. Sedans, minivans and SUVs can typically have the best rates for teens.
  • Share a car — Instead of adding another car to the policy, share one that is already on the policy and make your teen the secondary driver.
  • Postpone getting licensed — Consider delaying getting a driver’s license for a year or more. There could be considerable savings available by waiting until your young driver turns 17.
  • Raise collision deductible — Although out-of-pocket costs will be higher in the event of an accident, raising your deductible from $500 to $1,000 could save on your monthly premium.

Both of our older children drove an old family vehicle prior to getting their own cars. Our daughter was able to purchase herself a new car with her fiancé (now husband) and our son saved for a used cash car that he purchased with his own money.

Having learned about car ownership and auto insurance prior to buying their own vehicles gave them the knowledge they needed to make the best decision based on their needs and budget.

Thinking about adding your teen to your car insurance policy?

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