3 Tips for Simplifying Your Everyday Life

It’s a pretty awful feeling to be in a position where you seem completely out of control of your own life, and where everything around you is so mind-numbingly complex that you can scarcely even imagine actually being on top of things in any meaningful way.

3 Tips for Simplifying Your Everyday Life

Simplifying Your Everyday Life

Today’s world doesn’t do us many favors when it comes to feeling overwhelmed by complexity – with communication technologies of all sorts keeping as permanently “in the loop,” and with all sorts of entertainment options keeping us wired and over-stimulated all times day and night, for starters.

If you feel overwhelmed in life – as many of us do – finding ways to simplify your life here and there may be very important for your overall sense of well-being.

Here are a few tips for simplifying your everyday life.

Use templates in your job

More or less irrespective of the kind of job you do, it’s likely that you will have plenty of “administrative” work to attend to, that isn’t necessarily the kind of stuff that you find most fulfilling to micro-manage, but that which nonetheless needs to be done in order for you to fulfill your professional obligations.

One of the best ways of helping to simplify this process is to use templates of various kinds in order to ensure straightforward brand compliance without having to invest a major additional chunk of time and effort into any given project.

You can also consider using one of a substantial number of streamlined tools and subscription-based services, such as Freshbooks and Quickbooks, to more easily handle tasks such as invoicing and managing tax, respectively.

Switch to a “dumb phone”

Ever since the release of the original iPhone, “smartphones” have taken the world by storm, and seem to become more powerful and advanced with every passing week.

Of course, there are various potential concerns that come along with the ubiquity of smartphones today. For one thing, there are plenty of issues surrounding data security.

For another thing, though, they simply act as an extremely effective means of procrastination and distraction.

As it so happens, a lot of the “distraction” that takes place with smartphones may contribute to a sense of overwhelm and chronic stress – with frequent social media use, for example, being associated with a high incidence of anxiety and depression.

There’s a growing counter-smartphone trend among “digital minimalists,” which often involves trading the smartphone out for a “dumb phone,” outright.

Remakes of classic Nokia feature phones have been hitting the market in the last few years, and other minimalist phones such as the Light Phone and Punkt MP01 also offer a very bare-bones user experience – featuring essentially nothing more than calls and texts.

Maybe that’s what you need to simplify your life.

Work on nailing a few key daily habits

It’s very easy to end up feeling overwhelmed, in a hurry, if you make a point of setting yourself numerous highly-ambitious goals, and fixating on them day and night.

In fact, not only might this not be very healthy for you, but it might not even be a very effective way of achieving your dreams.

Writers such as Scott Adams and James Clear have emphasized the tremendous importance of “systems” and effective daily habits, instead. Because, when you have the right daily habits and routines in place, you’ve got the best chances of “success” – regardless of the goals you have or haven’t set for yourself.

Focus on getting your daily habits right, first and foremost.

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