Unicorn sugar cookies decorated with royal icing at the kids birthday party.

Most Popular Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas For This Year

Is your child’s birthday coming up and you’re looking for fresh celebration ideas that will amaze all the guests?

Don’t worry because I’ve got you covered.

Here are the top 10 most popular birthday party ideas for 2023 that will make your child’s birthday a memorable one.

Kids birthday cake. Child jungle theme party.

Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas

So, without any further ado, let’s get into it. 

Superhero theme

First up we have a superhero-themed birthday. Kids love superheroes and what better way to celebrate their big day than with the hero they adore the most?

You can have matching balloons, and cakes, and even dress up your child as their favorite superhero.

You can even set a theme where everyone has to dress up as someone from the movie. 

Your child will really enjoy this theme and so will all their friends. A Batman-themed birthday provides a great example of how you can decorate your house to provide a great immersive atmosphere. 

Sports theme

Sports are greatly enjoyed by children. Whether it’s football, basketball, or soccer, your child is always dreaming of becoming the next big star in the world of sports.

This theme is for every sports-loving child. Soccer has gained a lot of popularity since the World Cup. 

If your child loves playing soccer with their friends, soccer birthday party ideas are a great option to celebrate your child’s birthday. 

The picture below shows how you can execute this idea. You can have a cake that is baked to resemble a basketball, football, or soccer ball.

You can even have your child dress up as one of their favorite players. After the party, your child can go out and play their favorite sport with their friends!

Barbie theme

Barbie has gained a lot of popularity recently. If it’s your daughter’s birthday then this is a great way to celebrate it.

You can add pink balloons, pink tablecloths, pink cake, and even set the dress code to pink.

I’m sure that your daughter will be thrilled to see a surprise Barbie-themed birthday party.

Here is a great example of how you can decorate your living room to make a Barbie-themed party.

From the pink balloons to the full-size Barbie box, this is a wonderful way to make your daughter’s birthday a memorable one.

Animal theme

If your child’s always lively and is jumping and running all over the place, an animal-themed birthday party will suit you a lot.

You can add various stuffed animals, even balloons shaped in the form of animals. Your child can dress up as their favorite animal and ask their friends to also dress up as whatever animal they like.

This is a wonderful theme that you can follow. If your child is a wild one, this one will suit them a lot.

You can arrange the party in your garden or even in your house. Everyone will remember this birthday for many years to come. 

Birthday Table Decorated Pink Princess Theme

Disney Princess theme

If you have a daughter who loves Disney princesses then this birthday theme would be an excellent choice for her.

You can decorate the table with her favorite princess toys. You can have matching balloons and even get a special cake made that contains all her favorite characters.

Plus, your daughter can dress up as any princess she likes.

Use colored balloons, along with the posters of Disney princesses, to execute this theme that will be really enjoyed by your birthday girl.

You can even ask her friends to dress up as their favorite princess and you can all have a royal princess party!

Minecraft theme

Minecraft is loved a lot by kids today. Its popularity is continuously on the rise and, if your child loves playing Minecraft with their friends, then I think I’ve got the perfect theme for you.

This Minecraft theme is one that your child and their friends will greatly enjoy. 

Everyone invited can dress up as characters from Minecraft. Whether it be a skeleton, a creeper, or just regular villagers.

You can even have some games outside on the lawn. Add matching balloons and have a TNT-shaped cake.

Your child and their friends will have tons of fun at this event. This birthday will be unforgettable.

Rainbow theme

Next up we have a theme that you cannot go wrong with. A rainbow theme is greatly liked by children.

Whether it’s their first birthday or if they’re entering their teens this theme will make everyone happy and satisfied.

You can have children dress up in different colors of the rainbow and your child can wear their favorite color as well. 

To decorate for a colorful rainbow theme, you can have colored candies in glass jars, an eye-catching cake, and even make a rainbow using long cylindrical balloons.

Use white balloons to represent the clouds that surround the rainbow. I’m sure that your child is going to love this theme and everyone will have an enjoyable time. 

Unicorn theme

Here’s a theme that will carry your child to an adventurous world where they can meet the mythical creature that they adore the most: a Unicorn.

You can add pink, purple, blue, and white balloons to match the theme. Add a poster of a unicorn at the back to make the atmosphere even better. 

Have a beautiful unicorn cake specially made for your child.

Find a carpet or sheet on the floor that makes you feel as though you’re floating in the clouds while flying on your pet unicorn.

You can even watch a movie together to make the event that will never be forgotten. 

Halloween theme

Is your child born at Halloween? Then, this idea should be one you have got to try.

You can have a spooky-themed birthday party where you have your child and their friends dress up in Halloween costumes.

Take a tablecloth with printed spiderwebs and bring out the pumpkins and skeletons to use as decorations for the Halloween table. 

Make a balloon spider with orange and black balloons for a spooky look. The cake should also be baked and decorated with spider webs.

After the party, your child and their friends can even go out trick or treating!

Pokemon theme

If your child loves watching Pokemon and playing Pokemon games, then they will be thrilled about this theme.

You can have a Pikachu cake along with Pokemon-shaped candies. Use balloons painted to resemble Pokeballs in addition to Pokeball plates for serving treats.

Dress up your child as a Pokemon they like and invite their friends to follow the theme and dress up as their favorite Pokemons as well.

They can even watch Pokemon together and have the most enjoyable experience.

Between sports, superheroes, and Barbie, there are endless possibilities for your child’s next birthday party.

But with so many options, it can be hard to decide which one to choose. Worry not, these popular birthday party ideas for this year can help make your decision a little easier.