Say ‘I Do’ to Easy Wedding Planning (Do’s and Don’ts that Will Prevent Stress)

Joyful and exciting! That is how a wedding should be.

Unfortunately, both the day and the lead up can be a very stressful time indeed.

In fact, many people put so much pressure on their wedding day that they can’t enjoy it as they should!

Happily, I can tell you that you certainly don’t need to get this stressed in order to have a memorable and enjoyable wedding.

Easy Wedding Planning

Instead, read through the “do’s and don’ts” below and found out how you can say ‘I do’ to a beautiful wedding day—with barely any stress at all.

Easy Wedding Planning

Do start planning early. 

One thing that you can do to ensure your wedding planning is as easy as possible is to start planning early.

Of course, these plans do need to be realistic ones, and not ‘dream wedding’ style unless you have the cash to back it up. 

In fact, if you start looking at what you would want in an ideal world first, and then have to scale this down for your actual wedding, it can be pretty disappointing.

To that end, all wedding planning needs to start with a frank budget discussion before you move onto any of the details.

You should also start planning your honeymoon as early as possible, especially if you plan on leaving soon after the wedding.

The world is full of amazing destinations to choose from, so take your time and research some of the best honeymoon destinations to make sure you get the most out of your trip.

Talk to friends or travel agents if need be — they may have insider knowledge or tips on how to make it even better!

Don’t listen to too many opinions. 

Do you know what can make things even more stressful and complicated? When you have lots of people forcing their own opinions about your big day onto you.

Honestly, if you listen to too many people, it can be hard to determine what it is that you really want. 

With that in mind, be very careful about who you solicit advice from in the planning stages. Unless you want things to get complicated very quickly. 

Do visit venues before you decide. 

Your venue is one of the most critical choices you can make when planning a wedding. After all, it will be the backdrop for the reception. Plus, it’s also the site of the ceremony for many weddings as well.

Therefore, you will want it to be as perfect as possible. Something this important means you really need to make an effort to visit at least a few different venues before you decide. 

Even if you have a particular place in mind, looking around at other venues is a smart idea. The reason being, it will give you something to compare it to, and will help you to make your final decision.

It will also give you an opportunity to compare the various services offered at each venue, as well as the prices involved. Both of which are crucial elements of the venue choosing process. 

Don’t forget to ask about corkage. 

Additionally, when you are checking out your venue, you need to find out the prices for providing alcoholic drinks to guests.

Not all places have the same policy and so it can cause a lot of stress; especially if you end up paying a deposit, and then find you have another cost to factor in. 

In terms of budgets, the best venues are ones that let you bring your own drinks with no additional charge. Although, you will find that these are few and far between.

Next, come places that charge a corkage fee, which can still be a lot less than paying for the alcohol directly. 

Finally, some venues charge for drink packages. Something that can cost a lot of money, but may be your only option for the more luxurious and high-end establishments.  

Do begin your search for the perfect dress early.

If you want a fantastic long-train wedding dress because it is elegant and fashionable.

Nothing is more beautiful than a radiant bride walking down the aisle in one of these little dresses.

And you’ve come to the perfect place if you’re preparing for your wedding and have your heart set on a gown with a long train. Visit Avery Austin for long train wedding dresses for sale online.

Most brides-to-be are unaware of the fact that the average wedding dress takes anywhere from 6-9 months to be custom-made to order.

Unfortunately, that means you can cause a lot of hassle for yourself if you leave choosing your dress until the last minute. 

With that in mind, starting the search for your dress easily is definitely a smart way of keeping things as easy as possible. In fact, some brides like to do this, even before they have picked out a venue. 

The good news is that even if your wedding is years away, dress shops will be happy to host you and let you try on as many as you like!

Honestly, going to a professional wedding attire stores is usually the easiest way of finding the right dress, because of the help you can get from the staff.

After all, they are very familiar with all the latest styles and what looks good on different body types. Sometimes listening to their advice can really help you cut out a lot of hassle. 

Don’t freak out if you can’t find it!

Of course, some brides-to-be don’t quite find what they are looking for in a dress at first. A situation that, for many, can cause acute anxiety.

However, if you find yourself in this predicament while planning your wedding, the most important thing to do is not to panic! 

There are a variety of other wedding dress options you can explore that will help you get a gown ideal for your big day.

First, perhaps you could look for a vintage or pre-loved dress; one that can be a great deal cheaper as well.

Online stores like Sondeflor, eBay, and Etsy are often the best places to look. Otherwise, some thrift shops even have special stores or sections dedicated to wedding wear.

Secondly, don’t forget that you can dye your wedding dress if you want something a bit more individual to your style.

Currently, there is a massive craze for soft pastel colors such as rose pink, wisteria blue, and even pistachio green. Just be sure to test the dye in an inconspicuous spot before you color the entire gown! 

Finally, even if you’ve also tried the two dress-finding tactics above and they haven’t worked, all is not lost.

You can always consider the last option: have a custom wedding dress made for you. The benefits of which are, not only will it be solely your own individual design, but it will fit you like a glove as well. 

Do let people know when your wedding will be. 

Guests, whether you plan on having just a few or hundreds, can be pretty crucial to most weddings. Of course, there will no doubt be particular people you want to be there for your big day.

Therefore, to minimize the stress of them not being able to be there, your priority should be to invite them first. 

Unfortunately, sometimes, with the busy lives that many folks live, they will already be booked up by the time you send those invites out.

This is why you may want to consider sending out save the date cards six months before you mailing your invites-proper.

Then, those most important to you will be more able to plan on coming and any guest stress will be avoided. 

Do plan out the most significant bits. 

Over-planning your wedding down to every last detail isn’t a good idea either. Some might say that you’re behaving in a Bridezilla type way and adding stress to your own plate.

However, it is smart to have a plan for at least some of the events during the day. Especially the ones that are the most meaningful and important to you. 

For example, picking out a favorite song for a father-daughter dance isn’t over planning, and writing your vows beforehand isn’t either. Actually, by doing these things, you will ensure that your wedding will go as smoothly as possible. 

vintage wedding reception venue

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Lastly, if it’s stress-free and easy wedding planning that you want, it’s crucial not to sweat the small stuff.

Let’s be honest, your guests probably aren’t going to notice that the napkins at the reception aren’t the exact shade of forest green that you wanted.

They don’t care about the fact that your table plan looks a little bit like the one that was at a wedding you all went to last year either.

Actually, the only person that will even notice these things is you. 

With that in mind, through your wedding planning process, try not to let the minute details consume you. After all, the only person you are making things harder and more stressful for is yourself!

Say 'I Do' to Easy Wedding Planning


In summary, if you want to say ‘I do’ to easy wedding planning, then there are a few things you need to remember.

Firstly, remember to begin your planning early, and book visits to plenty of potential venues. All the while, try not to listen to too many of the opinions of others.

When it comes to the venue itself, be sure to ask about the drink packages before signing on the dotted line.

Don’t forget, the search for your dress is important to start as soon as possible. Although, if you can’t find one you love, remember there are other options to consider.

Finally, as you plan the most important parts of your day, don’t get too caught up in the tiny details.

Otherwise, you could make the whole wedding planning experience much harder than it needs to be!

Oh, and congratulations!

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