Dealing With Grief How to Keep Your Loved Ones Close

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be extremely difficult. We don’t want to believe that they are finally gone and may need to keep them close for as long as possible.

Dealing With Grief How to Keep Your Loved Ones Close

If you are trying to keep your loved ones close, you can follow the tips listed below. 

1. Store their Cremated Ashes 

A great method of keeping your loved one close is to store their cremated ashes. It is worth noting that a good percentage of people who wish to be cremated after their death also state that they want close family members to stay with their ashes. 

When storing the cremated ashes of your loved one, you first need to decide on the type of container you will use for the storage. While many people go for marble urns, large containers will generally work well. They also need to be sealed properly. 

If you aren’t planning on keeping the ashes for a long time, you can even choose to store the ashes in a plastic container. Also, remember to keep the ashes out of the reach of children and pets. 

2. Talk About them 

Another useful method of keeping your loved ones close is to talk about them. You can rant to your close friends about the good times you had with the deceased individual. You can also consider talking directly to the deceased loved one as this can work as therapy. 

If you don’t like having conversations in your head, you should write letters to them and store them away. This can be done using journals, computers, or just actual traditional letters. 

3. Keep their Photos Around 

You likely took lots of photos with your deceased loved one, and these need to be stored properly. Make sure they are backed up on various devices and even in the cloud. This way, you will be able to maintain the memory of your loved one for a lifetime.

With photos, you will also remember how your loved one influenced your life while you were alive. 

4. Manage their Social Media Accounts 

Social media can be a source of comfort when dealing with a deceased loved one. These platforms can help you maintain the memories of their thoughts and experiences.

In many cases, social media sites allow people to memorialize the accounts of deceased loved ones, and this means only a few people will be able to access the account. 

After memorializing the account, you will also be allowed to make posts to it. Another reason for memorializing social media accounts is to prevent the platforms from sending out reminders for birthdays and other anniversaries. You should note that you can also choose to delete the account altogether. 


There are many ways of staying close to people who passed on. You can store their cremated ashes in your home, keep their photos, manage their social media accounts, and even talk about them often.

If you don’t have many people to talk to, you can simply write letters to your deceased loved one. 

You should try out different methods and find out which one gives you comfort.

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