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Average Cost of All-Inclusive Wedding Venue

Your wedding is likely one of the most exciting events in which you’ll ever take part. It marks a change in your life when you approach the world as a unit with your partner by your side.

Maybe you want a small, simple ceremony, or perhaps a blowout party with hundreds of guests is more your style.

You should consider the average wedding venue cost when you sit down with your partner to discuss the details. Some wedding venues are all-inclusive.

That might be an appealing prospect when you start talking over the options that are available.  

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What is an All-Inclusive Wedding Venue?

When you pay for a wedding, you usually do that piecemeal. You’ll pay a certain price for the venue, another for the caterers, another for the tuxes for the ushers, and so forth. 

If you get an all-inclusive wedding venue, that simplifies matters somewhat. These venues give you a place to get married, but they also include many of the other necessities that you’d have to pay for separately.

What Do You Get with All-Inclusive Wedding Venues?

The term “all-inclusive” might mean something a little different for each venue. That is why you must always look at the details of what is included with one of the packages that such a venue offers you.

At a minimum, you get the venue itself. That might be a farmhouse with a rustic appearance but modern amenities. Maybe it’s a castle or a beautiful estate. 

You’ll also probably get all the catering taken care of when you set up a deal with an all-inclusive wedding venue. That might include finger foods, a dinner for your guests, a wedding cake, and perhaps an open bar as well. If you opt for the open bar, that will certainly cost extra.

The decorations and floral arrangements will likely be included. So will the linens, chairs, and tables.

How Much Does Such a Venue Usually Cost?

The average cost of one of these venues is anywhere from $3,000-$20,000. You’re not likely to get one any cheaper than that, but it’s certainly possible to pay upwards of $20,000 in some instances.

That’s a very wide range, but with these venues, you can have something fairly simple or absurdly decadent, like a palatial mansion.

You also have to realize that what one venue means when they say all-inclusive might be completely different from what another venue has in mind.

The Best Feature of an All-Inclusive Wedding Venue

If you rent an all-inclusive wedding venue, the convenience of taking care of several chores on your to-do list at one time is the best feature.

You have the venue taken care of, but you can also arrange for the food, chairs, tables, and everything else we mentioned at the same time.

Most wedding venues will not be totally all-inclusive, even if they use that term. You might still have to pay extra for certain features.

You’ll have to go down the list carefully and see what you get with this venue. When you’re done, you can discuss any add-ons you want that aren’t mentioned.

Should You Do This?

Getting an all-inclusive wedding package that features the venue, food, a DJ, tables, chairs, flowers, etc., might appeal if you’re having a large wedding.

The bigger and more elaborate the wedding, the more you might want to take care of as many items on your to-do list as possible at the same time.

If you find an appropriate venue, discuss what the term all-inclusive means, and get everything in writing. If you need some add-ons, see if the venue can provide them or whether you need to get them from elsewhere. 

This option might work well for you and your partner. The price tag might even be more reasonable than purchasing everything separately.