6 Art And Craft Projects The Whole Family Can Get Behind

6 Art And Craft Projects The Whole Family Can Get Behind

It appears that today, some spend little time with family due to our preoccupation with our busy lifestyles.

However, as we began to lose connection with our families—the most important people in our lives—this began to reflect our relationships.

We must make changes in order to preserve a healthy atmosphere and secure our emotional and mental stability.

Our connection with family plays a crucial role in obtaining our overall well-being, and we can do this through numerous activities. Arts and crafts are one of them.

Small art pieces are a good way to make memories that will last forever, therefore, here are some suggestions. 

6 Art And Craft Projects The Whole Family Can Get Behind

Vinyl Cutting 

You may remember vinyl cutting and ink to be a great nightmare for your parents whenever given these assignments.

Mainly because ink stains had the power to completely destroy our clothes, and there was a possibility of deep wounds made by vinyl cutters.

Nowadays, vinyl cutting is extremely interesting, and it can look amazing when done properly.

Your kids will definitely have loads of fun making their small pieces of art while deep-cutting.

There are whole vinyl cutting kits that will provide you with loads of entertainment, and the experts at thebestvinylcutters.com offer you some additional pieces of advice and user reviews about these products.

The best thing about vinyl is that it can last for a very long period of time so you can store all of your cuttings in a memory box. 


Another family activity that will bring everyone together and make you work as a team is origami. You can literally make everything from the outer world in the form of origami.

Truth be told, Origami is an ancient form of art and there are a couple of figures that are absolute classics, such as cranes, ships, and paper planes.

These are the things we used to make without even knowing that they were origami figures.

On the other hand, why not spice things a bit more? There are a couple of super challenging figures that can be an incredible amount of fun for the entire family.

Here’s one suggestion to change things up: split into teams and try making origami fireworks.

You’re sure to all be focused on the task at hand, but once the figures come out perfectly, you will see the importance of the moment.

Also, there is a whole list of different YouTube tutorials you can use for these purposes, as well as propose a new challenge every week. 

For families looking to explore other creative and engaging activities, artistic wooden jigsaw puzzles offer a unique and enjoyable way to spend time together, challenging both creativity and problem-solving skills

DIY Vases 

The benefits of these types of DIY projects are countless; mostly because of their nature to help you recycle things and give them new purpose. One suggestion is DIY vases.

All you need are empty plastic bottles and you’re ready to begin.

You can cut the bigger ones to make vases for your balcony garden where you can plant tomatoes, paper, and some fresh onions.

Use smaller ones and some rope to make hanging vases for your balcony or even the living room.

Also, you can cut them in various shapes and paint them in radiant colors to make exquisite pen holders. 


Piñatas are not solely a great source of entertainment for birthdays; they can also elevate your mood during weekends and be a cause to spend extra exciting time with family.

We all know that a piñata comes in different shapes and that they are loaded with sweets. So, make sure to shape your piñata the way you want, then load it with your favorite treats.

Decorate it in colorful patterns and let the party begin. You can play some Latin music to make the mood even better, put on the eye cover, and let the party begin. 

Dream Catchers 

Another amazing project for the whole family, and one of the most popular items of the Boho culture, is dream catchers.

We can all appreciate how good dream catchers can look, so make sure to have all the materials you need.

For example, rope in neutral colors, seashells, and other decorations. Use a picture of the design you want to make, or watch a tutorial, and of course, include family in the process.

Once you finish, make sure that everyone can see your hard work by displaying it in a well-placed position in your home.


The latest fashion trend when it comes to hair accessories, and for good reason, are scrunchies. Scrunchies, indeed, give some special charm to every fit.

Fortunately, it is not difficult to make them. All you will need is a piece of fabric, an elastic band, and a needle.

If you still struggle with how to make your perfect scrunchie, there are a lot of YouTube videos that might help. 

Art has the power to bring the whole family together, and if we have a better look, there are a lot of things we can do to spend more time with our family.

Results are not as important as the time you spend together bonding; so make sure to have fun, and remember, no hard feelings.