Zach Feary - Kronos American Worker
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How many people do you know could spend their lives playing games? Or is that person you? I know a few here in my own house that would love to make a career out of it. Zach Feary, a 27 year old game tester at Chicago-based Stern Pinball, is making that dream come true.

Zach Feary - Kronos American Worker

Zach Feary

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Zach says he was “born with a controller in [his] hands.” He works at the end of the assembly line and actually plays every pinball machine before making tweaks and sending it to shipping.

Zach Feary - Kronos American Worker

In addition to playing the games, Zach is also responsible for making sure each pinball machine looks flawless. He tests the functional parts and runs a diagnostic process to ensure the customer receives a perfect game.

Zach is one of 300 workers in the plant at Stern and they are the only factory in the world that mass-produces pinball machines. They are shipping out 400 to 500 games each week — all 100% made in the United States.

Stern Pinball machines

Stern Pinball is the only survivor of what was once a bustling industry in the heart of Chicago.

Today, the company is breathing new life into the industry with its 110,000 square foot factory.

With classic machines from the 50s and 60s, as well as the latest in electronic pinball machines, Stern is helping to serve a new trend with today’s millennials, just like Zach.


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