Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream and Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream

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When I was a young girl, I remembered seeing my mom’s skincare products around the bathroom. Something I noticed was the consistency in the brand my mom used through the years: Olay. My mom, in my mind, was perpetually 27 years old. Her secret to healthy, younger-looking skin was Olay.

skincare spans generations

Younger-Looking Skin Spans Generations

Losing my mom recently made me want to find ways I could continue to be more like her. To look for her in the in-and-outs of everyday life. When the opportunity to partner with Olay was introduced to me, I smiled at the thought. It was a perfect pair. After all, it was what my mom used and, considering the recent loss, I needed a way to get back into a skincare routine. Little sleep and lots of tears had taken its toll on my eyes much more than usual. Beginning the Olay 28 Day Challenge helped me set a personal goal to pick up the pieces and continue to move forward as my mom would have wanted.

#Olay28Day Challenge KickOff

Within the first few days of using Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream and Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream, I was able to see results. I walked into the kitchen and found my oldest daughter sitting at the table. I noticed the lines under her eyes and pointed out my own eyes. She is 22, married, and a college student working towards graduation in May. In addition to the loss we all suffered, she has a full work load and plenty of sleepless nights. So, it may have been a bit unfair, but even she was taken back by the lack of significant lines under my eyes. At Thanksgiving, I put both my sister and niece to the same test, and, again, they were amazed by my results. Of course, I shared my secret.

Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream and Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream

My sister wasn’t too surprised. She, as I had, watched our mom use Olay products for years. It made sense. My son is a licensed make-up artist and I asked him to try Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream. In true make-up sampling form, he swiped it against the back of his hand and instantly felt the tightening effects. Considering he works for a well-known beauty supply store, he was pleasantly surprised to learn how well the product worked—at a fraction of the price. It makes it easier, even with streaks of gray in a wave of out-of-control hair, to maintain a skincare regimen right for me.

before and after Olay 28 Day

Beginning your own Olay 28 Day Challenge can start with a quick visit to Olay Skin Advisor, the most precise skin diagnosis available to the public. This doesn’t even mean you have to leave your house! You simply head to Olay.com where you will find the (virtual) Olay Skin Advisor. You will then be asked to take a selfie and, within a minute, it will analyze your complexion and give you product recommendations based on its findings. It’s easy to do, a complete time-saver, and no-brainer when it comes to finding the right skincare regimen for yourself.

Ready to start the Olay 28 Day Challenge?

Join me in this challenge! It only takes a few minutes twice a day for 28 days. In fact, you can get started in just 3 steps:

  1. Visit Olay Skin Advisor for product recommendations
  2. Purchase your Olay products
  3. Begin your new skincare routine

I even have a discount code for the FIRST 15 to visit Skin Advisor! Use code 28DAYS6081 to get $40 off your purchase of recommended products. Hurry though! It’s limited to the first 15 users! Make sure to share your results to social media using the #Olay28Day hashtag so we can all celebrate younger-looking skin together!

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