Wow! Yesterday was exciting for us! To begin with, we got advanced tickets to the new VeggieTales movie, “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.” That was pretty exciting!

Not only because we had not been to a movie in a while, and it was a preview screening (which we’ve never attended), but because we got the cool VIP seating.

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Before they started they had everyone look under their seats for a KLTY bumper sticker. We all did and Prince W found one under Princess JF’s seat!

So, he ran it to the front where he received a DVD soundtrack of the film!

Yesterday’s News

This was important in this instance because the local Christian radio station had also given out free passes to it’s listeners and there was a huge line when we arrived. We kept explaining to the theater staff (two teenage boys) that we did not have passes, my name was on the “list.”

Finally, after 20 minutes in line, Colby was able to ascertain someone with knowledge of the list (thanks, Marianne)! We were able to file past the long line all the way to the front, get our lime green VIP wristbands and be seated in the theater in our predetermined reserved seats!

That was too cool for the kids. Talk about feeling special. They found my name with my domain listed and you would have thought we were celebrities … it was exciting just seeing the delight in their eyes!

After they opened the doors to the long line of radio listeners waiting to get in, chaos broke out as to where they could sit with the orange wristbands and why they were so many empty reserved seats.

Thus, they gave the VIP’s about 5 minutes past our arrival time to appear, then opened up the empty seats to the rest of the long line outside. Unfortunately though, I still don’t believe everyone was able to get in.

That was again exciting for us (free stuff on top of more free stuff is always a bonus)! Finally, the movie began and it was definitely a treat for everyone in the theater. You can read my entire review in yesterday’s post.

Now, out of this same opportunity, I was asked to host a giveaway on my Christian preteen girls site! We are being given 4 copies of Amanda Bynes’ new movie, “Sydney White,” which comes out on DVD on January 22!

We were so thrilled by the opportunity! That site has been live for almost a year now and has grown by leaps and bounds! With over 500 members on both of our community sites, we should have an outpouring of entrants!

This site was an idea given to me by God one day … and it has definitely been a test of my faith in Him as it was not something I could have ever pulled off on my own. (read Genesis 22 and learn how God will test our faith and we simply need to believe through faith in order to receive from Him that which He has promised).

On the whole, yesterday was very overwhelming … mainly because of the simple pleasures involved. We are praying that more comes out of the DVD giveaway since the contest will be passed on to Universal Studios by the media company I am working with.

I had to laugh at my hubby because he wanted to sell the site … because he wasn’t given the vision that I was and he hasn’t quite embraced it like our Drama Queen has! We are simply being faithful to that which God has commanded.

Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.
– 1 Timothy 6:17

Boy how things have changed since this first post! Colby and I now both work from home blogging, we travel all over the US, drive a different car every week and support our family of 7 with our blogs.