yes, i work from home. no, i don't have time for that.

yes, i work from home. no, i don’t have time for that.

There’s this huge misconception that because you work from home, you don’t actually DO anything.

Since I’ve been self-employed, I have been asked to pick-up kids, watch kids, attend play dates, run to the store to pick up something—all sorts of things really.

yes, i work from home. no, i don't have time for that.

Why? Because people believe that since I am home I am free to do “whatever.”

yes, i work from home

Now, to some extent, that is true. I set my own hours but I also make sure deadlines are met so I can pay my bills. In the blogging world, this means lots of writing, research, photos taken at particular times of the day, photo editing, email pitches, and more.

I realize many think our job is easy, but there’s so much that happens on this side of the monitor that you may not realize. We have a crazy life on this side of things as well.

After all, we’re everyday people, just like you, with a family and everything that comes with that.

For example, when we travel, we have to make sure we have every photo we need before we leave. This could mean a trip to two or three stores to find the right products and props, styling the photos, editing, and uploading to the server for remote work.

Although I typically try to get all of my writing done before I travel, there are times when I am writing on a plane, in the car, or in bed from my phone at the end of a long day while on the road.

And if it’s a press trip, I am constantly “on the clock” so to speak, so it doesn’t leave much time for more work.

At home, in addition to being a blogger, I am a mom first.

As much as I hate the days that require 10 hours of computer time, my kids know that it’s needed every now and then. I try not to do it much, but deadlines seem to come in waves and it just happens.

But again, I’m Mom. I have three girls at home that need my attention. Our youngest is 7. Not to mention, she has special needs that require a certain element of supervision that demands our time. We don’t mind at all and it’s one of the main reasons we both work from home; we love being with our kids.

This is the main reason we homeschool (which really just brings up another reason why I’m not just sitting here eating bon-bons all day).

That being said, yes, my husband is home too. But guess what? He does the same thing I do. He also blogs full time.

I would be lying to you if I said he took less time than I do to craft a post. In fact, because he takes on much of the domestic work, hence his blog name, it often takes him a couple days to finish a post.

Therefore, he stays busier, most of the time off the computer, than I do.

don't judge my choices without understanding my reasons

no, i don’t have time for that.

So, that “thing” you think should be easy for me to attend or do for you, no. I can’t.

I work for myself by way of deadlines for others. If I don’t make my deadlines, I could lose that connection, and consequently lose that income.

Considering we just bought a house, I am kinda more convinced than ever that I need to continue to hustle to pay the bills. Well, Colby and I both do.

I won’t apologize for having a job that requires me to stay home and work. It’s no different than you being in the corporate world and clocking in every day.

Okay, well, there’s some differences, but when it comes to both of us having responsibilities, I think you can agree we’re in the same boat. My guess is others that work from home—in different industries/jobs— are probably just as busy with their own routine.

Pretentious? Perhaps.

Selfish? Maybe.

The truth? Definitely.

So, let’s just try to understand each other and agree that we both have a job to do… in our own way… that may not allow the flexibility the other believes we have. Agreed?

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